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Saves and mods stop being detected



Hello all. I'm running into a bizarre problem with Oblivion and am unsure what could be causing it. 


Some general info, I have the Oblivion GOTY Edition through Steam and I'm running Windows 10. I started with a fresh install of Oblivion and am using the latest OBSE and Wrye Bash v307.09. 


I followed the guide here for most of my mod list and added some of the popular mods such as OOO, MOO, Better Cities and so on. I'm also using Alternative Beginnings.


All of this was working fine when I started up a new game. After playing a bit, I later decided to install some other mods through Wrye Bash, ran LOOT, updated the Bashed Patch, loaded up Oblivion and suddenly all my save files are "missing". All the saves are in the save folder where they should be but Oblivion doesn't seem to be recognizing them. Also if I start a New Game, it doesn't act as though I have Alternative Beginnings installed and goes to the default start, yet I can tell it has detected some mods such as the Unofficial Patch and Robert's body mod, but not others such as Hud Status Bars, etc. 


Now, I have a backup of the Data folder so if I switch out my data folders and load up Oblivion, everything goes back to normal and I can access my saves. This has happened a couple times and always after I try to install a new mod, not even the same new mods but different ones e.g. one time it was SDR, another time it was COBL.


I'm not very familiar with Wrye Bash and in the past have only used it through MO to create Bashed Patches for Skyrim, so I am unsure if there's anything that Wrye Bash might be changing through ini files or save profiles or something when I install a new mod that might be causing this. It seems to be something related specifically to the Data folder as changing to the clean Data backup fixes things. I've changed to the backup and reinstalled all the mods and that seemed to work as well but I'd prefer not having to do that every time I want to install a new mod. 


Has anyone run into anything like this before or have any idea why this might be happening?

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