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Real Snow (by Hritik Vaishnav)


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Found this little gem called "Real Snow" released recently.



It's working in combination with "Better Dynamic Snow" which is currently already in STEP but this mod provides MUCH better textures in my opinion!


I have used it on top of my STEP 2.2.1 (beta) install and could not find any issues with it.


2 additional benefits:

- Snow now has footprints too and they look damn realistic!

- Snow disappears when you use a fire spell on it, I never noticed this before... so I guess it must be related to this mod as well!


It is recommended to use v2.2.2 of the mod in combination with ENB.

I use seasons of skyrim v2.1 and it indeed looks much better using v2.2.2 of Real Snow

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I'm curious how this would look in-game. From the looks of the screenshots the author used real life snow photos for the textures. These cases should always be tested in-game as the vanilla textures are painted and sometimes these two styles collide. I'm also curious from the shots if there are any clipping issues like the shot from Bleak Falls Barrow(temple). Anytime you start mixing dynamic and static there is potential for issues.

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Reading the comments on the page it appears that there are errors in this mod and in particular he hasn't done textures for the snow covered roads which clash with his textures somewhat. The mod author has said he will correct the issues soon. It looks great but IMO it is not finished yet.

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Indeed, I agree. Done some further testing and there are issues with tiling and clipping.

The author seems to want to invest the time to work out these issues... if he succeeds this might well become one of the better snow mods.

I'll keep a close eye on this one... :)

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