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Recommended first steps for Clear and Present Danger (FO3)

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I was wondering if there were some recommendation on how to take your first few steps inside this behemoth. The Puce Moose quest mods recommends that I put them early, but what about out quests?!?


What I'm specifically looking for is questlines or areas to explore to get a good beginner basis of weapons and armor, so I'm not completely naked exploring the rest of the game.



Thanks in advance.

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You should be ok for weapons and armor improvements in the early game from loot and containers. Do some local Megaton quests, wander outside but not too far, start Moira's Wasteland quest but don't go too far. I feel that some spoilers are needed for this quest because the final reward depends on details of how you solve the sub quests but you don't learn the details until you finish it.

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