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Problems with bashed patch - wron tags



Hi, All,


I've encountered small problem with bashed patch in my install. I've installed 20th weapons, patched xCalibrized one and RH-Ironsights patch. However, I've found strange things with merge. Both patches lost competition to 20th century weapons mater file, and some ironsights parameters are ignored. Here is the example:




After digging deeper I've found that no proper tags were suggested by LOOT. It suggests the following:

      - Names
      - Relev
      - Stats

But author of mod lists on mod page on Nexus following:













This is much more and have impact on bashed patch creation. Plus, some of other mod files have tags guidelines from author different from LOOT masterfile.


Question is following: could it be fixed by some tool or just guide needs update?

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The guide does not currently include bash tag recommendations. LOOT's list of bash tags is incomplete, and they are not directly added to mods. I've been working on such a list but it isn't complete, and other users haven't provided any recommendations. The guide does describe using the Generate Bash Tags script, and the options for adding bash tags for individual mods.


If there is interest I can add a page for the bash tags and put in a few that I have already examined; other users could of course also add bash tag recommendations.


Bash tags for the FO3 weapons can be difficult to determine since it isn't possible to select a set of bash tags that always does the right thing. The Wasteland Patch Collection patches are loaded after the bashed patch and take care of some the problems with object overwrites for weapons, but only if you are using the same weapon mods as were assumed by the Wasteland Patch Collection.

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It is a great idea to add bash tags recommendations page. Merging mods to bashed patch correctly have noticeable impact on game (graphics, stats, names, loot etc.). I am also thinking about load order. LOOT makes non-crashing order without major glitches but mod authors also have order suggestions. Plus, we have sometimes more than one patch for mod.


And yes, questions related to weapons are quite difficult, especially to large weapons overhauls like 20th century. I still have issues with xCalibr patch for 5.12 and xCalibrized patches. Even after adding tags something is overwritten by xCALIBR_20CW_v5.12.esp merged into the bashed patch.


P.S. I see now a lot of load order problems - just started reading mod descriptions on Nexus and readme's.  For example, LOOT places Blackened patches earlier in load order than FWE main file. That leads to lost conflicts and using vanilla FWE data. Problem is probably in 'non perfect' masterlist of LOOT. LOOT makes a topological sort. I.e. if mod has master file and plugin and patch is dependednt only on the masterfile, LOOT will be unable to place them correctly if no special rules in masterlist. Its rule will be only 'should be after dependency - esm file'. And, for example, for Blackened FWE + MMM + EVE + Project Beauty there is no rule 'after FO3 FWE plugin', just after masterfile and some DLC esp's. I think there should be more similar problems. Load order also needs guildelines more datailed than using LOOT by default.

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