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  1. iMultiSample=4 <------ Try to disable this in falloutprefs.ini by putting 0 value. You have this second time below commented option.
  2. Please, check that any type of AA and AF are disabled in game .INI. I'd seen similar glitches with some kind of 'compressed' water surface displayed like small plane when using ENB until I disabled AA and AF in fallout's ini.
  3. UPD: added meshes for 20th Century projectiles, for FWE (maybe someone uses FWE without xCalibr?) and for couple vanilla files. Hope, VATS tracers question will be marked as solved soon.
  4. https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout3/mods/22162/? Here we go. This mod is WIP because I will add no tracers version of 20th century weapons projectiles too.
  5. "No tracers patch for xCalibr" exists on Nexus for xCalibr v2.2 only. Current version of xCalibr is 2.3. "Smaller tracers" existing on Nexus is for Vanilla. Actually I was thinking about what version of tracers to provide. For example, "Smaller tracers" provides a lot of verions of scaled tracers: from 10% scale to 90%. I doubt we need such variety. Especially w3hen glitch is still visible at 40%. So I'm thinking about making two versions: 20% tracer and no tracer.
  6. Well, I would like to add it, for example, to your STEP guide. But before I have to edit all xCalibr and 20th century weapons projectiles. Issue seems to be present in more than one mesh and it is quite time consuming to test every projectile: one doing this requires to shoot in VATS several times and see his shot from camera postion somewhat upper and behind PC. Maybe it is not issue, but VAS feature :) So it looks like more appropriate solution will be providing reduced versions of tracers for all projectiles. In other words, existing xCalibr Nexus mod requires update to newest xCalibr and for other mods it is required to create reduced tracers version. When I am done with it I'll post link here in thread.
  7. Yes, I have it too, and even sometimes I see fingers near the neck ))) Now I'm thinking too about how to have smooth combination of body replacers with Fallout 3 Redesigned mod.
  8. Glitch is present in VATS only. In 3rd person view everything is OK. Added: Problem is in large tracer and one fact. It seems that VATS mode completely ignores tracer chance, so tracers in VATS are always visible. The only way to disable/reduce tracers in VATS is projectile mesh editing. Fixed my issue by scaling tracer to 20% of original size. It is quite primitive because scaling affects all 3 axes and tracer is not only shorter but thinner too. I have not enough Blender experience: NiNode structure was broken on NifScript import-export operations and I was not able to make tracer just shorter. Anyway, it works and now I have no tracers from behind of my PC using .44 magnum. Tracer itself is a bit noticeable during VATS. Idea was taken from 'Smaller tracers' mod from Nexus.
  9. Hi, All! Dear community, I would like to ask a question about projectile animation problems. It is strange thing: for some weapons in VATS I see projectile is starting not from a barrrel, but somewhere from PC head or PC eye. For some other weapons in VATS I even see projectile launched somewhere from behind of PC's head (for example very noticeable with .44 magnum(SI)). It is quite annoying and even a bit spoiled great impression of guide's FO3 install (BTW, thank you for the great guide, devs!). At the same time for some other weapons it is OK (or hidden by weapon model?). This glitch is visible in VATS only (because projectile is animated?). In normal mode everything looks OK for every weapon. Question: What affects starting posintion of projectile in VATS? P.S. I saw this before, for example on old FOOK installs, but here there is more weapons affected. So I am thinking about solving this, but don't know where to look.
  10. It is a great idea to add bash tags recommendations page. Merging mods to bashed patch correctly have noticeable impact on game (graphics, stats, names, loot etc.). I am also thinking about load order. LOOT makes non-crashing order without major glitches but mod authors also have order suggestions. Plus, we have sometimes more than one patch for mod. And yes, questions related to weapons are quite difficult, especially to large weapons overhauls like 20th century. I still have issues with xCalibr patch for 5.12 and xCalibrized patches. Even after adding tags something is overwritten by xCALIBR_20CW_v5.12.esp merged into the bashed patch. P.S. I see now a lot of load order problems - just started reading mod descriptions on Nexus and readme's. For example, LOOT places Blackened patches earlier in load order than FWE main file. That leads to lost conflicts and using vanilla FWE data. Problem is probably in 'non perfect' masterlist of LOOT. LOOT makes a topological sort. I.e. if mod has master file and plugin and patch is dependednt only on the masterfile, LOOT will be unable to place them correctly if no special rules in masterlist. Its rule will be only 'should be after dependency - esm file'. And, for example, for Blackened FWE + MMM + EVE + Project Beauty there is no rule 'after FO3 FWE plugin', just after masterfile and some DLC esp's. I think there should be more similar problems. Load order also needs guildelines more datailed than using LOOT by default.
  11. Hi, All, I've encountered small problem with bashed patch in my install. I've installed 20th weapons, patched xCalibrized one and RH-Ironsights patch. However, I've found strange things with merge. Both patches lost competition to 20th century weapons mater file, and some ironsights parameters are ignored. Here is the example: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/7578072/fo3/merge.png After digging deeper I've found that no proper tags were suggested by LOOT. It suggests the following: tag: - Names - Relev - Stats But author of mod lists on mod page on Nexus following: -Actors.DeathItem, -Deflst -Delev -Graphics -Invent -Names -Relev -Scripts -Sound -Stats This is much more and have impact on bashed patch creation. Plus, some of other mod files have tags guidelines from author different from LOOT masterfile. Question is following: could it be fixed by some tool or just guide needs update?
  12. Hi, All! I've found that body replacers and some armor and clothes are not compatible with skinned decals (wounds) that are increased by IMPACT mod. I used previously the same tweaks, plus multithreaded decals and tweaked spray distance. (fSprayDecalsDistance=96.000000 and bDecalMultithreaded=1 additions to IMPACT settings). But with Type3 bodies and lots of armor/clothes wound marks are not appeared. I.e. we have spray, blood on the walls and ground but not marks on skinned geometry. One of the Nexus users have found the solution. It is described in the second post here: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/725582-adding-wounds-for-dimonized-females-and-breezes-males/ Idea is in the reordering nodes in model in the way where main body is placed most up in the list. I've tested this solution on the currently installed female and male body meshes (except of selection of the other node corresponding to the main body part). It works. But STEP installation introduces a lot of armor and clothes replacemets and addition. Armor and closes work in FO3 like outer body replacements. So node ordering should be important in armor/clothes models too. Question: is there a way to change it in automated mode or users that desire to see wound decals on all bodies, clothes and armor should adjust them in NifScope one by one?
  13. Well, removing mods one by one and reinstalling resolved situation. The only two differences are following: 1. Load order. Minor tweaks like fast but dramatic VATS, manual reload and shell rain are dead last now. 2. Not sorted masters in plugins this time. Just ignored masters order in all plugins. What I have found regarding guide. a) Uninstalled 3DNPC mod because it somehow caused meshes/textures problems with some clutter/apparel (detected on Scrapyard and decided to remove this mod). b) Fixed 20th century weapons plus reborn. 22magcasing mesh used for shell casing for Heritage Arms rifles like M-1894 and M-1858 was not present anywehere. Three plugins edited: xCALIBR_20CW_v5.12.esp 20th Century Weapons -Plus- Reborn FWE-WMK-Calibr14_V1_70RC_18668.esp 20th Century Weapons -Plus- Reborn xCALIBRized + RHIron.esp This shell casing model replaced by the same from original 20th century weapond v5.12. c) Not optimized NMC and UHQ terrain textures. Somehow it causes problems with blackish rocks for me. For now everything seems quite Ok with meshes and textures.
  14. Thank you. I will gather FormIDs and check them with xEdit. But I think that meshes are in place, because this problem is quite 'dynamic' For example, I had normal weapons, but after switching from knife to laser pistol I saw empy hand with exclamation mark. Switching back to knife - it also disappeared. And map was good from scratch. Some controls lockdown and problem begin when moving across cells. I.e. after first distant grid load map markers are broken and controls locked. It also happened after two interior-exterior transitions. Anyway, for tests I've removed ENB and uninstalled all optimized textures projects. I will try to provide more information soon. Hope, I will not be forced to do 'last resort diagnostics' by uninstalling mods one by one. Added: Well, all broken things have vanilla IDs. All meshes and textures are present. And errors are dynamic and not related to really missing file: from start everything is Ok. Map is Ok, surroundings is ok too, I can see raders near the Wheaton Armory without any issues. But after I travel a bit around, I can see same raiders with broken meshes, PipBoy map is degraded and even PC's weapons can disappear after switching. It seems, I should start removing mods and reinstalling them one by one. Good news - if I resolve everything it will give me good pointers about WF installation of STEP project.
  15. Hi, All! I've installed FO3 using S.T.E.P. guide and encountered serious and strange problems with meshes and textures. I humbly asking a help from STEP community with this issue. First, one main difference of my installation lays in using Wrye Flash and BAIN installations instead of MO. I've prepared all mods installations in order mentioned in guide. All optional ESPs were not installed, all files marked as 'hidden' were deleted from projects before installation or were moved to separate options of complex projects (and were not installed). I beleive, my installation should be very close to the STEP guide. Texture optimization wass done both for vanilla and listed mods. LAA patch was applied. Using FOSE and ENB. Second, on test run mentioned in guide, just after main UI mods, everything was Ok. Now, the symptoms. 1. After aternative start at Regulators HQ everything was OK: VATS is working, everything is Ok. Then I started moving towards the Scrapyard and noticed that waypoint icons became blue. Plus, my way to Megaton appeared as solid blue line. 2. After reacing new cell surrounding cells rendered and I have found on screen several exclamation points. 3. Inside inventory most of icons became blue (mod configurations, some weapons, even regular combat knife). 4. Controls stopped working as expected after first sympthoms: no menu on ESC, no VATS, no possibility of looting corpses anymore, no possibility to talk. 5. After reaching Scrapyard I see exclamation points and red squares on all enemies. A lot of exclamation points over scrapyard. 6. After dying respawn was incorrect: light screen, no reaction and hostile indicator with name of dead PC. 7. After returning during one experiment to HQ brahmins that were Ok 5 minutes ago are looking like red squares with exclamation points. Map in PipBoy is completely blue. So, the problem is that game graphicvs slowly degrades while moving around the Wasteland. It looks like some textures and meshes stopping loading correctly (I've seen some creatures and npcs, one time seen furniture etc). I use BSA redirection in Wrye Flash. I have following line in INI file (INI was generated as mentioned in guide): sArchiveList=ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa, Fallout - Textures.bsa, Fallout - Meshes.bsa, Fallout - Voices.bsa, Fallout - Sound.bsa, Fallout - MenuVoices.bsa, Fallout - Misc.bsa I've tried fragment from previous INI (it was used in previously played FOOK2 install): SMasterMiscArchiveFileName=Fallout - Misc.bsa SMasterVoicesArchiveFileName1=Fallout - Voices.bsa SMasterVoicesArchiveFileName2=Fallout - MenuVoices.bsa SMasterSoundsArchiveFileName=Fallout - Sound.bsa SMasterTexturesArchiveFileName1=Fallout - Textures.bsa SMasterMeshesArchiveFileName=Fallout - Meshes.bsa SInvalidationFile= iRetainFilenameOffsetTable=1 iRetainFilenameStringTable=1 iRetainDirectoryStringTable=1 bCheckRuntimeCollisions=0 bInvalidateOlderFiles=1 bUseArchives=1 SArchiveList=ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated!.bsa, Fallout - Textures.bsa, Fallout - Meshes.bsa, Fallout - Voices.bsa, Fallout - Sound.bsa, Fallout - MenuVoices.bsa, Fallout - Misc.bsa No effect. Problem still persists. Now I see that I'm using invalidation from WF that worked before, using FOSE to launch game, have required lines in INI, checked meshes and textures (but it was not necessary - they weere present, because from start everything was Ok). I've tried to disable ENB removing hooking d3d9.dll. Still the same problems. My ideas how to fix this are exhausted, so I need help Load order for diagnostics included below. It was generated by LOOT except I've manually ordered patches below Bashed Patch using guidelines in readme. [spoiler=Load Order]00 fallout3.esm 01 anchorage.esm 02 thepitt.esm 03 StreetLights.esm 04 brokensteel.esm 05 pointlookout.esm 06 zeta.esm 07 Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.esm [Version 2.2] 08 CALIBR.esm [Version 1.4] 09 Inventory Access.esm 0A Advanced Recon Tech.esm 0B iHUD.esm 0C aHUD.esm 0D Mart's Mutant Mod.esm 0E ArefuExpandedByAzar.esm 0F Project Beauty.esm 10 Abbreviated Effects.esm 11 DCInteriors_ComboEdition.esm 12 EVE.esm [Version 0.99] 13 Mothership Crew.esm [Version 1.66] 14 AQFH3.esm 15 AWorldOfPainFO3.esm 16 3DNPC_FO3.esm 17 GeorgetownExpansion.esm 18 RH_IRONSIGHTS.esm 19 AQFH1.esm [Version 1.06] 1A TheInstitute.esm 1B Vault 101 Revisited.esm 1C 20th Century Weapons.esm 1D Xepha's Dynamic Weather.esm 1E 3DNPC_Chapel.esm 1F 3DNPC_FO3Generic.esm 20 3DNPC_Factory.esm 21 DocLeskosResearch.esm 22 3DNPC_QuantumGravity.esm 23 3DNPC_LittleBoBeep.esm 24 3DNPC_Room404.esm 25 3DNPC_DotsDiner.esm 26 The Librarian.esm 27 3DNPC_IRS.esm 28 RiversideCafe.esm 29 3dnpc_ClaraBella.esm 2A 3DNPC_Spider.esm 2B Crowded Cities Redux.esm 2C 3DNPC_Cosmos.esm 2D 3DNPC_Village.esm 2E 3DNPC_Mortar.esm 2F 3DNPC_Slasher.esm 30 3DNPC_Zynx.esm 31 WastelandGuards01.esm 32 CRAFT.esm 33 FO3 Wanderers Edition - Main File.esm 34 UF3P - Exotic Caravans (Project Beauty).esm 35 xCALIBR.esm 36 Detect Traps.esm 37 tubrrCompound.esm 38 Enhanced Weather - Rain and Snow.esm 39 playbackdelay_001.esp 3A VeryVeryHard.esp ++ Fo3HirezdLincolnRepeater.esp ++ Mart's Mutant Mod - DC Interiors.esp 3B FortIndependenceRedesigned.esp 3C WeaponModKits.esp 3D WeaponModKits - FWE Master Release.esp 3E FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Broken Steel.esp 3F dD-Reduced Ragdoll Force.esp ++ dD-Reduced Dismember Force.esp 40 Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Rain.esp 41 Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Dynamic Sneak Bonus.esp 42 Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Sandstorms + Armor Damage (FOSE).esp ++ K9BreedsPatchDLCPitt.esp ++ Zeta Turret Drone Karma Fix - MMM Merged.esp 43 krzymar-MoonSize_120%.esp [Version 0.2.0] 44 YearlingBooks.esp ++ Detect Traps - Perk.esp 45 Enhanced Weather - Weather Sounds in Interiors.esp 46 Merc Adventurer Armor - eng.esp 47 Fast_but_dramatic_VATS_0.9.esp 48 schematics2.esp 49 ShellRain.esp 4A 20th Century Weapons -Plus- Reborn FWE-WMK-Calibr14_V1_70RC_18668.esp 4B MetroCars.esp 4C Realistic Interior Lighting.esp 4D ArlingtonRestoration.esp ++ 20th Century Weapons -Plus- Reborn xCALIBRized + RHIron.esp 4E IMPACT.esp 4F Blackened FWE + MMM + EVE + Project Beauty.esp [Version 3.3] 50 WeaponModKits - BrokenSteel.esp 51 WeaponModKits - OperationAnchorage.esp ++ WMK Uniques for FWE_EVE Addon.esp 52 RH_WMK_Bridge.esp ++ xCALIBR_20CW_v5.12.esp 53 aqfh3.esp 54 FO3 Wanderers Edition - Followers Enhanced (BrokenSteel).esp 55 WeaponModKits - ThePitt.esp 56 WeaponModKits - Zeta.esp 57 WeaponModKits - PointLookout.esp ++ DIFF WMK.esp ++ DIFF.esp 58 FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Anchorage.esp 59 FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC The Pitt.esp 5A Blackened RH + FWE + EVE.esp [Version 1.0] 5B tubRRCompound.esp 5C Rivet City Realignment.esp 5D Temple of the Union Overhaul.esp 5E The Mantis Imperative - Jello.esp 5F HeirApparent.esp 60 AQFH2.esp [Version 1.08] 61 Scorched Earth Chapter Linker.esp 62 01AtM - Firefly Ranch.esp 63 Laurens_Bathroom_poetry_V1.esp 64 The Mantis Imperative - Mantis.esp 65 FO3 Wanderers Edition - Main File.esp ++ FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Point Lookout.esp 66 FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Mothership Zeta.esp 67 FO3 Wanderers Edition - More Gore.esp ++ PPA - FWE Tougher NPC Power Armour.esp 68 lexx_brahmin-variant-Fo3.esp 69 New Toys - Cars.esp 6A UniqueWeaponsRetextured.esp ++ UniqueWeaponsRetextured_FWE.esp [Version 1.4] 6B Realistic Death Physics.esp ++ dD-Smaller Spatters Realistic.esp ++ dD-Smaller Wounds for merged.esp 6C PLweightadjust.esp [Version 1.08] 6D NotSoFast.esp 6E K9Breeds.esp ++ K9BreedsPatchMMM.esp 6F T3_leather armors.esp 70 WinterizedT51bDX.esp 71 UrgeWashingtonBoS.esp 72 Better RC Church.esp 73 PlasmaRifleAwesomefiedWMK.esp 74 MoreMapMarkers.esp 75 ZL-MP5 Pack.esp ++ MP5ForFWE.esp 76 BBBackpacks-v1-1.esp 77 megalight.esp 78 BornAgain Outcast v3.esp 79 FeralGhoulTest.esp 7A RH_FWE_Bridge.esp 7B PPA - The Pitt.esp 7C BaileysCrossingMetro.esp 7D Shadows and Dust - Southwest DC - Public.esp 7E DelayAnchorage.esp 7F TrentonTowers.esp 80 Museum.esp 81 Kentbury Way.esp 82 Dree Perks.esp 83 PotomacSteamworks.esp 84 CanterburyCommonsInteriors.esp 85 A Trail of Crumbs.esp ** ColtM4Carbines_RHIronSights.esp 86 Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Weather Machine (Quest Added).esp 87 AutoGates.esp 88 DelaySteel.esp 89 Radio_Neutron.esp 8A IntoTheDeepWoods.esp 8B Newoffice.esp 8C Scout Outfits.esp 8D ZL-SVD-CALIBR.esp 8E FWEAlienWorkBenchFix.esp 8F delayzeta.esp 90 Existence 2.0.esp 91 NewMall.esp 92 Lookout Outfits.esp 93 RockopolisRebuilt.esp 94 Freebooter_Armor.esp 95 Tattered_suits.esp 96 MTCBigTownRobotFix.esp 97 delaypl.esp 98 ManualReload.esp 99 CALIBRv14 Ammunition Schematics for FWE-WMK-CRAFT-V1_3-18639.esp 9A FO3NeckChains.esp ++ SVDForFWE.esp 9B Dragonskin Tactical Outfit.esp 9C DragonskinBonusPack.esp 9D Fo3HirezdMinigun.esp 9E Fo3HirezdFlamer.esp ++ Dragonskin_for_FWE_2014.esp 9F Powered Power Armor.esp A0 PPA - FWE.esp ++ PPA - FWE 2.esp A1 Advanced Recon Gear.esp A2 Millenia_AKS74U.esp A3 ArefuExpandedByAzar-Radio.esp ++ Millenia_C96_replacer.esp ++ Millenia_CombatShotgun_replacer.esp A4 GNR Enhanced.esp A5 MaxLevelWorkaround-HP-BS.esp ++ Paradise Lost - Unique Texture and Icon.esp A6 PPA - Operation Anchorage.esp ++ Flora Overhaul.esp A7 PPA - Broken Steel.esp A8 Confessor Cromwell has a Break_EV.esp A9 20th Century Weapons -Plus- Reborn Cut Weapons.esp AA ZL-ACR.esp ++ ACRForFWE.esp AB RagdollOverhaulFo3.esp ++ The Mantis Imperative - Nasty Zeta No Scaling.esp [Version 1.1] AC GlowingGhouls-MMM.esp AD PPA - Mothership Zeta.esp AE Assaultrifle_replacers_WMK+RH+FWE.esp ++ Millenia_AK47_replacer.esp AF UniqueWeaponsRetexturedPITT.esp ++ UniqueWeaponsRetexturedPITT_FWE.esp [Version 1.1] ++ WeaponModKits - FWE Talon Loot Crash Fix.esp B0 DarNifiedUIF3.esp B1 Stimpak Counter.esp B2 Flashlight-LOS.esp ++ Advanced Recon Tech - Detect Traps.esp ++ majormodder's Junk Food to Barbeque Crisps.esp B3 Detect Traps - The Traponator 4000.esp B4 Advanced Recon Tech.esp B5 Advanced Recon Range Finder.esp ++ Detect Traps - DLC.esp B6 Advanced Recon Tech FWE.esp B7 RubblePilesFix.esp B8 PLFewerItems.esp B9 3DNPC_FO3_BrokenSteel.esp BA rmSaveManager.esp BB 3DNPC_Radio.esp BC Conelrad 640-1240.esp BD JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating.esp BE JIP Selective-Fire.esp BF Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Main + DLC Merged.esp C0 Bashed Patch, 0.esp C1 (TWPC) 20CWRECW-WMK-RIFWC-UUF3P-FWE Patch.esp C2 (TWPC) BBB-UUF3P-FWE Patch.esp C3 (TWPC) BRCC-PB Patch.esp C4 (TWPC) BVR-FWE Patch.esp C5 (TWPC) CMRP-FWE Patch.esp C6 (TWPC) GE-UUF3P Patch.esp C7 (TWPC) K9B-MMM-UUF3P-FWE Patch.esp C8 (TWPC) MMM-EBTMGFWE-UUF3P-FWE Patch.esp C9 (TWPC) RIL-UUF3P-DM Patch.esp CA (TWPC) RRE-PB-FWE Patch.esp CB (TWPC) TMI-FWE Patch.esp CC (TWPC) WD-UUF3P-FWE Patch.esp CD (TWPC) DIFF3-RI-EVE-MMM-WMK-PRA-F3HMG-F3HF-20CWRE-IMPACT-UUF3P-FWE Patch.esp CE (TWPC) BFO-MMM-EVE-UUF3P-FWE Patch.esp P.S. Dear moderator. I am sorry - missed topic. Would you be so kind to move this topic to support section?
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