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Axe and Pickaxe Weight Overhaul


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For me, adding an esp that just changes the weight (and assault value if desired) of only two items is hard to justify adding. If the goal is to add mods to make weights more realistic I think there are more comprehensive mods worth considering.

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Fair enough, however I always felt that both axe and pickaxe weighted too much... If you can recommend any other mods, I'll happily have a look! I'm not that bothered about a single esp either.


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Skyrim Gems has a category for item weight mods and there are several that sound reasonable and fairly comprehensive. I've been meaning to compare some of these as STEP adds new packs for various aspects of improving realism and immersion. I am just starting to look at them. I agree that the weight of the pickaxe and axe are too high in vanilla, but it would be useful to look at whether the more comprehensive mods provide better overall immersion.
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