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Better Stealth AI for Followers - No Torch while Sneaking (by kryptopyr and nbtc971)


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Discussion thread:
Better Stealth AI for Followers by kryptopyr and nbtc971
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What it does:
This mod changes follower behavior in two ways. These changes only occur while the player is sneaking. If the player is not sneaking, then the follower's behavior will be unchanged.

1) While the player is sneaking, the follower won't initiate combat with nearby hostiles until after the enemy has actually attacked. Once either the follower or the player is attacked, the follower will enter combat like normal.

2) If the follower has a torch equipped, they will unequip the torch while sneaking.

Controls are via dialogue menu with followers - you can tell them to engage in combat at sight (vanilla) or wait until you attack first.

Mod Testing
  • Do both options (attack on sight or wait for player) work correctly?
  • Does torch equip/unequip for followers work correctly?
  • Compatiblity with other follower mods (Followers Trap Safety)
  • Clean plugin?
  • Bugs?

Accepted for Core

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I would like to bump this, as no one ever replied and I think this mod deserves attention. I see this as a Fix really. When you are sneaking, your follower should do the same, as opposed to charging at every enemy they see...


Since the times of OP I learned fair bit about modding (mainly due to SR guide :), thanks Neo!) and I can confirm this is a clean mod. Deserves a spot in STEP IMHO.

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Oh, I have this in my load order. I did notice once that Tauriel was using a torch while I was sneaking, I thought perhaps there was a dialogue menu I needed to go into to set it up, I'll have to have a look again some time but I don't have Tauriel enabled in my new start(s).


I have not enlisted any vanilla followers in a while to see if they work and I think Vilja has this built in.

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That's what I thought. But was going to run faendal at bleak falls.




Some data:


1. Mod is clean. No ITM / UDR records.

2. BOSS doesn't have any observations and puts it at near end of load order.

3. It overrides a couple of records for Better Quest Objectives (two quest location indicatior).

Posted Image Posted Image

4. It forwards the Unofficial Patches fix.

5. It has a couple known bugs/unique instructions:


*For some reason, followers don't always put away their torch the first time you sneak after hiring them. This issue can be corrected by dismissing/rehiring them. It also seems to naturally correct itself after the first combat engagement.


*It's possible that you will not have a dialogue option to apply the Better Stealth AI to Cicero and the Dark Brotherhood Initiates unless you install the mod prior to completing the Dark Brotherhood quests. I'm working on a fix for this.


*When used with UFO, it may be necessary to reset the follower back to vanilla combat behavior (using the dialogue option "Attack first" or "Initiate combat whenever enemies are near") before dismissing the follower.


*The official patch includes a bug where modded dialogue wil not always appear immediately.

To fix: Simply activate the mod, save your game and re-load.

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I believe the last issue is fixed by generating a seq file (easiest in TES5Edit)

Open TES5Edit, load Better Stealth AI for Followers.esp, right click it on the left, click Other -> Create SEQ File

In fact, you could do this for your whole load order to cover any mods that are no longer being updated.

Same steps as above, just load everything, select everything then right click anything that is selected -> Other -> Create. It will only create them if they need them (but doesn't check for existing seq files, but that isn't a big deal)

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*The official patch includes a bug where modded dialogue wil not always appear immediately.

To fix: Simply activate the mod, save your game and re-load.

Confirmed. Must test this .seq file. What do they do exactly ?




It seems that Faendal gets up and draws his weapon just to sheath it back, right when I'm perceived (not detected), giving my position away.

Didn't use torches, had sneak skill of 51 with perks. Had the ''don't attack'' option activated.


Posted Image

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Continued testing:


Yes, that was part of the known bugs. Saved, restarted and was everything ok. Have to look at Wormheart suggestion.


Yes, the behaviour is consistent. He keeps standing when enemies are around, even running towards them. They stare each other for some time and the enemy finaly strikes, then faendal does the same.


It isn't working with something, I guess.

I'm using Full Baseline STEP 2.2.6.



Plus, he didn't equiped torches at all. Sneaking or standing. Sometimes I had to get back to "release" him from his invisible prison. He wouldn't move for some reason.

Aside from that, Follower Trap Safety works fine!

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Hm... maybe it's the new version that introduced those bugs. The mod was recently updated - and my comments regarding it working fine were based on the previous versions.


Hopefully kryptopyr will read this thread sooner or later and will be able to shed some light on the issues :)

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