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  1. Any chance for a version of patches that only include SurvivalMode, Curios, AdvDSGS and Fish? (The plugins everyone has to have.) Without all the purchasable stuff? Please?
  2. @runsbuns Yeah, I am looking into lighter versions of some things and eliminating others. @glundrux Yeah I dropped both. Trying to pack in all this goodness with my hardware is just not possible. Well it is but I have to play very carefully. I worry about overloading the hardware and breaking it. Can not afford to replace it yet. Example: Without ENB, my GPU fluctuates between average 70 - 99% With ENB it pretty much stays pegged at 99%. This worries me. Every where I read it says to set Vram to 4064 for my 2gb card and win 10. (Vram test tool says the same) (With ENBoost or ENB) I do not know if there is something I can do to change that. Other than not using Vividian ENB I also do not know if Depth of Field (DoF) helps to reduce Vram or not. My guess is that it is just a filter screen, and the textures are still rendered completely behind the screen.? If I am wrong then maybe a stronger DoF may help.
  3. I pruned TreesHD Skyrim variation to Meshes/- minus treepineforest04.nif, textures/clutter and textures/landscape/trees/Vurt_Pine01 & 02
  4. Thanks for the insite . As far as Trees go I think I will try going with SFO Basic Edition v1.87, (Might be able to upgrade to regular), that should be fairly performace friendly. As far as removing files with Parallax...I have only ever seen it mentioned with ENB So I assume that I needed to remove it. While I did like the look of Tundra Ground from Skyrim HD I was a bit concerned about the 2k, there was no 1k option. That said, with the other changes I have made I might be able to place it back AFTER SOME TESTING.
  5. And I have finally made it to the Merges section of the guide..... I had hoped for this kind of information when I asked for help...but I understand that not everyone has the time or the desire to provide it to 100,000 unwashed masses. It has also deepened my understanding of my own install and gave me a good reminder that no matter that it took me 3 days to install and configure, a second pass is mandatory. Should have removed these for Non-ENB ---> Parallax +Vivid Landscapes - Moss Rocks - Compatibility Patch-2-8 +Vivid Landscapes - Tundra Ground from Skyrim HD 2k --------------------------- Should have removed these with Skyrim Flora Overhaul ---> Mod dependency I think +Upgrade and fix for TreesHD by Pfuscher <---------(Reduced Ordenador >2048) +TreesHD Skyrim variation LOW NEW <---------(Used Low) --------------------------- Discovered I had this mod installed instead of just the animations; +EatingSleepingDrinking - KuNeruNomu- --------------------------- Discovered i had not installed the NSUtR-Patch in; +LeanWolf's Better-Shaped and Armed Talos (May have reinstalled the main file to make a different choice for Lower/Higher Res and forgot to reapply the patch) ---------------------------- Needed to rebuild Farmhouse Chimneys due to the Thinner Mesh Parallax Patch ---------------------------- Needed to Reinstall Spice of Life - Forts to remove Parallax and consequently aMidianBorn Imperial Forts, removing the impextwall01_p.dds file NOTE: Not sure if that is a problem with the custom esp.....Not sure how to check either other than ask. ---------------------------- I do still have lingering questions I hope someone can answer. The Note about the custom esp for one. Though I am thinking I might be able to open it up with TES5Edit and look for a record of any _p.dds At least that is what I imagine it would take. The second and biggest question I have is what to do with all these LODs. Should I leave them in? Should/could I install DynDoLOD and run it say on low, then then remove Dyndolod and keep the LODs at the bottom? (Not even sure what kind of file structure i would have to put them in but Possibly if I look at a few different LOD mods I might be able to figure it out.) Do I need to merge all these LODs with some other program?
  6. One note, I am going back through the guide again and checking all the mods to tease out problem areas, I noticed that After taking out Skyrim Flora Overhaul v2.5b, I was unaware I needed to take out TreesHD Skyrim variation. And also Upgrade and Fix for TreesHD by Pfuscher. Neither of these mods list : Mod Dependencies(As Configured): Skyrim Flora Overhaul However i think they should, are they not modifying assets from SFO? I scanned for this to quickly find dependencies. This makes me think so. Mod Notes: This mod is an add-on for "Skyrim Flora Overhaul" by Vurt with different trunks, which are more in the style of the original game. Am I barking up the wrong tree on this?
  7. Yeah, I would have prefered to not extract them all but I am not quite savvy enough to know if doing so would mess up the install. I suppose it might become apparent when I was told to remove files and could not because they were in a BSA ...I could then extract only that mod....Hmmm food for thought. Well, thank you both for the insite.
  8. Can someone clear up for me why during BSA extraction MO stops responding then continues? My worry is that it encountered a problem in the BSA and is trying to figure out how to proceed. And subsequently transfers the problem to the loose files. When doing a lot of BSA extraction I sometimes get the warning. It has never completely locked up but will stop for 5 seconds at most before continuing the extraction. I have seen it at 58% and at 99% (2 different mods) in my most recent memory. I am wondering if I should be worried about the mods content at this point and what to do about it. PS. I have been looking for an answer to this for over 3 hrs now and have read pages of text, learned quite a bit but never found an answer to this..
  9. Well I will try these suggestions one at a time and see if that helps. I appreciate the advice. I too have experienced bizarre behaviors with knockout, I really only thought it a good idea for certain things, for example one of the quests from Notice Board has you capture ...not kill a bandit....I thought "Oh ok some protection incase i crit hit him past the point of no return." But beyond that one example, i agree with you, i don't see the point realy. Well there is also one other benefit...Vampires...the blood potions extracted from corpses are stale (half as effective)...an unconscious enemy though...
  10. My issue is not so much performance as in framerate but in script lag. So I would think things like Dual sheath or ineed or Wet and Cold would be the more obvious choices here. Why SFO?
  11. Hmmm, this topic is 2 months old and i installed SR:LE around 1 month ago. I have received several CTDs since but only 3 that were reported by crash fixes. /meshes/_00/magic/throwingstoneprojectile01.nif this is my most recent. That I was able to actually view. My reason for posting is that I do not recall seeing links to fixed meshes with the respective mods...Immersive Armors & Immersive Creatures. I googled crash fixes corrupted nif and was in a roundabout way sent here. I will fix these myself because i am sure that since i have another mod that also makes changes to the nif files that the broken originals would have been carried over. In this case It is BodySlide/Outfit Studio. So I think I would have to fix the original and then rebuild in Outfit studio as well. I wanted to thank you all for the posts that lead me to a solution. Thank you.
  12. Skyrim Revisited : Legendary Edition – Light? I have installed Skyrim Revisited : Legendary Edition and am attempting to make a lighter version of it to play nice on my system. I know I must have missed a few things in my removal of some mods and changes to other mods (shifting patterns on some rock faces at close range most likely LOD issue). But am at a point where I could use some advice from a knowledgeable source or sources. It is asking for a lot, I know. In case anyone is interested in assisting me here is what I have removed and what I have changed, along with other important data.... To start I installed the entire list choosing 1k or performance where I could, with the exception of replacing body, idol, and some armor mods. And the script lag was too heavy. So I started cutting....... REMOVED; DynDoLOD, Face to Face, Vividian ENB, Vivid Weathers ENB portion only, Wonders of Weather, Burn,Freeze,Shock, Footprints, KS-Hairdos-Renewal HDT Hair only, Project Parallax Revived, ENB Terrain Parallax Fix, Realistic Water 2 ENB portion only. I think that covers the removal. REINSTALLED: and rebuilt patch merges -ENB for ELE Light, Realistic Water 2, Vivid Weathers. Installed ENBoost in place of ENB per STEP wiki, Used BethINI to reconfigure my ini files Below is my mod list with highlights indicating changes mentioned above and not mentioned above. (list pasted upside down, not sure how to flip it) It plays fairly well but could be improved further like possibly removing Wet & Cold but I have not looked into what I may have to change because of it yet. I need advice on what LODs I should remove if any or if I should install some I may not have. I think I might have missed Vanilla Skyrim LOD billboards. I am also running into a bathing issue with the washcloth and the tub bathing. Washcloth only brings dirtiness down to the 1st level not to zero no matter where I use it. Tubs won't reduce my cleanliness at all. No issues with soap except for waterfall animation-which equips my armor before finishing the animation. As mentioned at the start, some..not all rock faces shift pattern even at close range. The fire burning on top of the Thalmor fort near Volkahar Castle has a static Smoke pane in the center...this was the same when I had STEP installed. And lastly I would welcome any advice beyond what I have asked for if you think it might help. System Info OS; Windows 10 Pro Motherboard; P8H61-M LE/CSM Processor; Intel i3-3220 @3.30GHz Ram; 16 GB System Type; 64-bit OS, 64-based processor Video Card; Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti 2GB Driver Version; 358.91 Native Resolution; 1920x1200, 59Hz
  13. Also, the guide mentions installing and running SUM. Which I did. Then the next section deals with ASIS but only ticking the NPC Enchantment Fix. My confusion here is that ASIS was run by SUM and it had all the default boxes checked. I would suggest placing the SUM instructions below ASIS and DSR so the initial configures can be set up first. And you might mention that SUM could be used for any future patches.
  14. Ok, so I found these errors in the log output after running DynDOLOD. Missing model "meshes\spiceoflife\forts\farmhouse01_snow_heavy.nif" - ignoring Farmhouse01SnowDunstad [sTAT:5C01B962] in SpiceOfLife - Forts.esp for dynamic LOD The author stated, on his forum, he had removed all references to this in 1.02. But this is an error from 1.05 I found Farmhouse01SnowDunstad, under statics, in SpiceOfLife – Forts.esp and removed it with Tes5Edit. Was that the correct thing to do? For this error: Missing model "meshes\prometheus\architecture\statuessnow\talosstatuesnow.nif" - ignoring Prom_StatueTalos01snow [sTAT:5B00B7DE] in DynDOLOD.esp for dynamic LOD I copied StatueTalos01.nif from LeanWolf's Better Shaped and Armed Talos and placed it in Stunning Statues of Skyrim renaming it talosstatuesnow.nif This was not in the guide that I could find or it is but I failed to see it or find it, as I have been looking . Was that the correct thing to do? For this warning I have no clue where to start and as such have left it unresolved. <Warning: 1 duplicate FormID numbers of trees references were detected, excluded from LOD>
  15. Thank you for the input and correction. I was hopping for a bit less intensive all in 1 set-up than STEP Extended but that appears not to be the case with SR:LE. Regardless I will do a MO install from Vanilla scratch and follow the guide to the end and where possible use less intensive textures. I will see where that gets me. My system seems to handle games beyond most recommendations. ie. Fallout 4 and Witcher 3 both play very well on my PC. Even though I do not meet the min requirement. Any thought on this? : I do not really have video issues but do encounter audio pause. 5-7 seconds sometimes where I will get mashed up audio delivered all at once. VERY noticeable. I assume it is because of my CPU-Script lag. I wondered if getting a dedicated sound card vs. onboard sound would help.
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