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Fallout 4 : Will membership of one Faction exclude me from others?

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I am getting to the point in the quests for the factions where I feel I am being asked to support them properly and I wonder if Fallout 4 is like Skyrim where you can be Master of all or if factions are mutually exclusive?


For example, if Preston of the Minutemen asks me to help restore their old base, does that block me from, say BoS? If I join BoS through helping Paladin Danse, am I excluded from the Railroad (who I have not encountered yet)?


I understand that factions that are mutually hostile (such as BoS and Institute) would be exclusive but do they slam the door in your face right away or can you progress a little to learn about the organisation before you reach a point of commitment?


In other words, is it "Oh, but you rescued that awful Paladin so you can never join us!" or is it "Well, we know you sucked up to the ghastly Minutemen but let us show you what we are about so you will change your mind."


I don't mind mild spoilers along the lines of "You can work for Soandso up to the point where they ask you to become a naked pole dancer and after that you are their ***** for life!"

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You're just asking for spoilers... :P


I can't say for sure about the minutemen as I didn't do anything with them, but I can confirm you that the storyline is designed so you can only fully support one major faction. And you're most likely going to destroy the others at one point or an other.


Carefull, major spoiler : 


With the railroad, for instance, you blow up the Prydwen and become the ennmy of the brotherhood.


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