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Fallout 4 : Odd enemy behaviour on Zoning.

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I will try to keep this spoiler-free but I have encountered one occurrence of unexpected enemy behaviour when entering an interior cell, realising I was in trouble and zoning back out again. I was wondering whether to bug report it but thought I would ask for comments while I try to reproduce it elsewhere.


Location : Corvega factory exterior, about to enter a side door I had found.


1. I crouch, get out the shotgun and zone in with Dog.

2. I advance and see one enemy below me on a catwalk. They go into [Caution] and start searching.

3. I use a pipe rifle to kill them in one shot. Several buddies immediately search and spot me.

4. Under covering fire from below, one lobs a grenade with perfect accuracy up two floors right onto the catwalk at my feet.

5. I turn, retreat ten feet and zone out, thinking I will have time while they run up the stairs to drop a frag mine and get to cover.


6. After a rather lengthy wait for zoning, I reappear outside WITH FIVE RAIDERS all round me. No time to deploy a mine.


7. What happens next is bloody, involves double-barrelled shotguns and ensures Dog gets his next meal somewhat earlier than he was expecting.

8. After a pause, I go back inside and the entire section is EMPTY.


Now have any of you seen things like this? I would have expected a few seconds of pause before the beep-beep-boom and stragglers getting picked off with the shotgun.


If I see it again I certainly will report it.

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