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Possible additions/changes

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(I assume user feedback is welcome) 


Bornagain Outcast T-45d Power Armor



A new model/textures from the same author than the one featured of the guide


Chinese Stealth Armor 



Has way more endorsements than the one currently featured, and is seemingly of higher quality (?)

Water Bottles HQ



Pretty straightforward title? 


Urban Food and Chems Re-tex



Sadly bundled with the food (of which there is already a good replacement), but the chems look pretty good. I particularly love the first aid kit.

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Thanks. I am always interested in possible additions to the guide. I'll look at these.


I've tried to keep the guide reasonably lore friendly based on the what Bethesda produced. Mods with better quality items (resolution, accuracy of item model and textures) are always of interest. As part of this the wear and dirt (or lack of it) on textures is important consistent with the type of object; it's been a long time since the bomb dropped. For example, items like weapons can be expected to be well cared for. At the other end of the wear spectrum I would expect many clutter items to show a lot more wear and/or dirt.


There aren't any mods in the guide that have only 4Kx4K versions of the textures since these are only of use to a small subset of the potential users. If there is interest in these a new Ultra high resolution category could be added. There aren't very many mods that have 4kx4k textures that don't also have lower resolution versions.

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