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Camp McCarran Concourse crash solution

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This NPC often causes my game to crash when I am in this section of Camp McCarran.  The situation is reproducible and I have a basic idea what the problem is.  The character can be found crying about her dead husband in the chair in the pic.  Sometimes she gets up and walks around - she might go to eat in the mess hall or to sleep in a bed or whatever normal NPC behavior.  I'm not really sure because I haven't bothered to investigate to that level.  What I do know is this - when she goes to sit down on the seat row, sometimes she tries to sit on a different seat in the row.  My game will always crash as soon as her sitting down animation completes.  I believe the game is somehow trying to run her crying animation in the wrong seat and the game cannot handle it and crashes.


Here is my solution to this:


I walked into the concourse when Pvt. Christina Morales was sitting in her seat balling her eyes out.  I walked over to her, opened the console, selected her, and then issued the "SetRestrained 1" command.  What this did was lock her animation sequence.  So she cannot pursue any alternative AI package.  Even when I talk to her, she doesn't look up; she continues to cry.  I can converse with her like normal, she just pursues the same behavior over and over again.  Because of this, she will always be in the correct seat and cannot crash the game.  If this is what it takes to prevent a crash then so be it.  As far as I know, she is not important for any other part of the game or quest.


Maybe Yukichigai can fix this?  I dunno.

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Don't bother it looks like it's a rather rare bug, also my solution is not permanent, after I completed the quest I went through the concourse about 8-10 times no problem and then the game crashed again, I had a quick save just outside the doors and after reload it was fine to enter. Its just strange, stressful and apparently not to easy to repeat.

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