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Slowdowns in specific areas ... so far Big Town and Riverside Cafe

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First and foremost this is a wonderful guide and I really appreciate all the work that has gone into it.


I am having some really frustrating problems that I hope someone here can help with.


As mentioned about I have found 2 locations so far that cause massive drops in FPS, namely Big Town and the Riverside Cafe.


The riverside cafe problem was solved by just uninstalling the mod. But now I have the same problem with Big Town (the problem disappears when I uninstall the mod) and although I was willing to do without the cafe, this is a mod I really want to keep in.


In Big Town it seemed to occur only when I was looking in a certain direction, from outside and inside. The "focal point" seemed to be around the big stack of meds, and when I broke in and took all of them the FPS definitely picked up a bit but was still noticeably slow. I also noticed that the cafe also had large amounts of items just out on display.


I have tried to ddsopt the textures, changed ugrids, turned emb on and off, installed and uninstalled various clutter texture mods, turn my generated lod on and off, use a different fallout.ini and nothing changes.


So, does anyone have any idea what the problem may be? Or can they suggest some other locations that might have similar properties as Big Town or the Cafe so that it might help me get closer to isolating the problem?


I am running a R290X, i7 4770k, 16gb 2400mhz RAM. All mods being used are mentioned in the guide and, to my knowledge have been installed correctly.

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As you can see from my system specs, my system is similar to yours. I have traveled through Big Town and the Riverside Cafe and I haven't had the problems you describe. I'm not sure what is causing the problem you are noticing. In other Bethesda games like Skyrim I have had FPS problems in a few locations when looking in some directions, like you are seeing in FO3.


Most of the time I have seen these problems discussed on the STEP forums they were eventually fixed by changing some configuration (INI) values. The INI tweak section of the FO3 guide was recently amended to include the new recommendations that DoubleYou has been creating; for my system I recently redid my INI settings using the DoubleYou's procedure described in the guide. In troubleshooting your problem you might also find some of the spINI tweaks that DoubleYou added in a file on the new Skyrim INI parameters page on Nexus. These allow making changes to one set of parameters at a time. The discussion in the Skyrim INI parameters forum might also have some useful suggestions.

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I did fix the problem in the end. Something to do with the bashed patch. But then I got it again when looking to the left of the super duper mart from across the river :(


I have just uninstalled everything and will give it another bash in a week or so.

The combination of performance issues (i was also getting invisible textures which were annoying,and I wasnt convinced I had installed the ui mods properly) and just the fact that I wasnt used to it being so hard was a bit much.  Also I need to finish Mad Max :D


Ill just be extra careful installing everything and maybe try to do DDSOPT a little more carefully. Definitely going to read those ini tweaks too.


Thanks again for this wonderful guide ... when I get back into it I might try and contribute a bit more.

Some mods that I added were smoothlight, 5x faster waiting, and sleep for a week.

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