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Hi Folks,


I have a couple of issues with the STEP Extended Patch and a consequent question.  Firstly the patch includes esp's which Requiem does not want installed.  Second (and I'm sure to run into more issues like this as I continue to mod my profile) reinstallation of ELE to accommodate Falskaar and Wyrmstooth leads to the STEP Extended Patch esp having a Missing Masters error (it wants ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp rather than ELE_Legendary_Fs_Wt_Lite.esp).


After reading the Readme file in the Extended Patch distribution, I'm planning on building my own merged patch for what continues to be relevant from the listing there.


My question is, does the Extended Patch provide any other functionality over and above merging the listed esp's?  Would I be better off applying the Combined Plugin (assuming it has any functionality I would otherwise miss) and then merging this with relevant selected esp's from the list?


Thanks in Advance,


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