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Arbor Philosophorum


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Arbor Philosophorum by ceiladoneiron
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"Arbor Philosophorum is a perk tree overhaul for Alchemy that combines the key features of Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul and Vokrii - with a few tweaks. "

As far as I can tell, this mod has only been mentioned in passing, on the Vokrii-CACO patch page. I would suggest to consider this as an alternative to the this patch, if using CACO and Vokrii.

Why? In my personal experience using Vokrii and CACO together caused all kinds of mayhem. Most importantly, the Alchemy skill never updated. Using the Vokrii-CACO and/or STEP CR CACO patch didn't solve this problem for me. After discovering this mod and installing it all issues were solved. It does change the Alchemy perk tree slightly though, making it a blend of Vokrii and CACO.

Load order IS important: CACO (and all patches) -> Vokrii (and patches) -> Arbor Philosophorum. Easiest way to achieve this, is by adding "load after" rules for the main mods in LOOT. For me that automatically sorts all the main mods and patches correctly.


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