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  1. Thanks Sheson, but I've done my homework and I'm aware of what the error says, what it means and what my options are. All I'm trying to determine before possibly wasting time reinstalling from steam and cleaning masters is whether this is to be expected in this scenario, or whether somewhere in my modding adventures I've corrupted the DLC. I'd consider the latter improbable, but I note that nobody has mentioned this at all in this thread, so I'm concerned that it's a possibility.
  2. Building Terrain LOD for Oldrim in MO (so using the 32 bit xLODGen binary) I need to set Optimise Unseen for LOD32 to off when building for DLC2SolstheimWorld. Otherwise the process aborts with an 'Error optimising unseen triangles'. This occurs even on a base install with nothing but the official DLC (Including optimised textures). Is this to be expected (ie, Solstheim's just that complex a worldspace) or should I be looking elsewhere?
  3. I couldn't find any mention of this on the forum so thought I'd post it. Apparently there's a fix for the dx9 4gb VRAM bug on a recent Windows 10 Fast Ring build. Details are here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jfaircloth/35450019362
  4. A question re installation of Septim HD. There is an instruction: Post Installation: Install only the contents of Alternates/Default BBP/Mipmaps. It's unclear to me what the intention is here as my first attempt resulted in a "No valid Game Data" icon. Presumably it is equivalent to manual installation setting Alternates/Default BBP/Mipmaps as the Data directory. Could you confirm or correct please.
  5. I'm doing my first install of his load order and am sticking strictly to the recommended choices and want to ensure I don't make any errors. I'm at the point of loading the Legacy of the Dragonborn mod and associated patches. The FOMOD instructions for the Optional Mod Patches for Legacy only display the Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul patch ticked. The installer has detected and auto-ticked The Notice Board. Could somebody please confirm (or not) that I should untick the patch option for The Notice Board. Thanks.
  6. I apologise for what is doubtless a trivial question. As I haven't used the Creation Kit before I can't be sure of your (or Neovalen's) intent in the install instructions re unpacking scripts.rar. Is the intended result that the individual scripts and dialogue views are in the Skyrim directory, or that the Scripts directory (containing Scripts and DialogueViews directories) is in the Skyrim directory? Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm a former MO user but have been away from gaming for a while. I recently upgraded to Skyrim SE and having read horror reports on the status of MO2 tried out NMM, which has been pretty unpleasant. I installed MO2 today against a fresh Skyrim SE install, and the key functionality seems to be there. The only problem I've encountered is a couple of crashes when downloading from the Nexus. I gather that crashes during gaming are also a bit of an issue. Is scaling to a large load order an issue? Are there other significant issues I should be aware of.
  8. Hi Folks, I have a couple of issues with the STEP Extended Patch and a consequent question. Firstly the patch includes esp's which Requiem does not want installed. Second (and I'm sure to run into more issues like this as I continue to mod my profile) reinstallation of ELE to accommodate Falskaar and Wyrmstooth leads to the STEP Extended Patch esp having a Missing Masters error (it wants ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp rather than ELE_Legendary_Fs_Wt_Lite.esp). After reading the Readme file in the Extended Patch distribution, I'm planning on building my own merged patch for what continues to be relevant from the listing there. My question is, does the Extended Patch provide any other functionality over and above merging the listed esp's? Would I be better off applying the Combined Plugin (assuming it has any functionality I would otherwise miss) and then merging this with relevant selected esp's from the list? Thanks in Advance, John
  9. Hi, I'm new to the Skyrim modding world, so please forgive me if this question is basic. I've noted that SL:RE and some other overhauls/packs specify non installation of text files. Why is this? Does the game load .txt files thus contributing to eating up the 3.1Gb available space, or is there some other reason? Thanks in Advance, John
  10. Hi Folks, I've built STEP Extended with Requiem 1.9.2 taking into account the Requiem install notes on the STEP Wiki, noting that these were written when Requiem 1.7.3 was current, and presumably an earlier version of STEP. I've been away from gaming for years, and the core tools here are new to me (MO and friends) so it may be that I've made an error or two, but I've tried to stick strictly to published recommendations. I have a couple of issues that I'd appreciate comment on: (1) As noted above the STEP Requiem install notes are a bit dated. Requiem mandates that several STEP Core and Extended modules aren't installed, including No NPC Greetings and Disease Descriptions, both of which are replaced by the STEP:Extended Patch. Will these be safely overwritten by Requiem, or should I look at removing the STEP Extended Patch and replacing (with merges) all it's documented as including (other than these two mods of course). I'm hesitant to take this approach as I don't know whether the STEP:Extended patch is providing any other functionality. Perhaps there's some other approach I should be taking. Any advice? (2) I've applied Requiem patches from Requiem 1.9 Patch Central in the specified order (see attached loadorder.txt). It's unclear where to put the Requiem Bring Out Your Dead compatibility patch. I've tried every position from just after Requiem.esp to just before Requiem for the Indifferent.esp (rebuilding the DSR patch and Requiem for the Indifferent each time). In all cases the key named characters in the default opening sequence are naked. I assume these are those who can die. I've checked using Alternate Start - Live Another Life and Saadia in Whiterun is clothed, so I'm not sure if this is just an opening sequence issue or some error on my part. Once again, any advice on this? (3) For anyone who knows this build well, are there any Requiem patches I should really be applying? Thanks in Advance, John
  11. Hi Again, Re my post on invisible armors, 1.9.2 seems to have fixed the problem John
  12. Hi Folks, I'm encountering a problem I've seen mentioned before, but with suggestions that it has either been fixed, is just an issue with the Helgen default start sequence or is related to the Bashed Patch: Invisible Armors. I've set up STEP Extended ( with Requiem 1.9.1, no Bashed Patch, all relevant (including only suggested) Requiem Patches, everything in the specified load order and all installed according to the guide on Atlassian. I've started via Alternate Life and found Solitude Guards to have invisible armor. I reinstalled Requiem against a profile with only Skyrim ( + DLC (Cleaned) + Unofficial Patches + SKSE (1.7.3 R48)/SkyUI (5.1) then Requiem and finally Alternate Start, rebuilt and reinstalled Requiem for the Indifferent. Same result! I've also tried re-downloading and reinstalling Requiem to no avail (same size and checksum). Clearly this isn't the norm. The only thing I can think of is that there's some cleanup that needs to be done between regeneration of the SkyProccer patch, but I can't find anything written up. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as reading about Requiem was my prompt to get back into gaming after a decade off. John
  13. Hi Folks, I'm closing in on finalising my first ever STEP implementation, and all is looking good. I want to be sure I install the correct patch(es) in the last phase. I couldn't find the answer in Emal search or in the videos. I have installed everything per the STEP guide. Am I right in my interpretation that I only apply the STEP Extended Patch, or do I need to apply STEP Core Patch first? John
  14. Hi Folks, Which is the correct SKSE Version to use currently, 1.7.2 or 1.7.3? At start of a game session SKYUI splashes an error re the SKSE version being out of date as it is expecting 1.7.3 - which is in Beta, hence my reluctance to upgrade without advice. Should 1.7.3 be used at this point? Clearly the SKYUI team are willing to trust it. John
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