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The Eloquent Reader (by Daiyus)


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I'm still installing SR:LE etc, but I turned up an old STEP forum thread about a mod that raises speech when you read books. Someone's redone that without the infinite XP issue that the old mod had. He's also got a demo on the file download section for a new version which won't need compatibility patches.


Thought it might be of interest for a future release of STEP. I haven't got a working game to try it with yet.



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While on the surface this sounds cool, a more in-depth view of the point of the "Speech" skill and what it affects causes me to think that reading books should not raise the character's speech skill.


"The Speech skill allows you to more effectively persuade people and to barter with shopkeepers. Perks in this skill allow you to get better deals when trading, buy and sell any kind of item to any merchant, and make it more likely for a persuasion or intimidation attempt to succeed."


I don't think reading necessarily teaches you how to intimidate, persuade, or barter.  You may learn more about language, but being good with grammar and spelling probably isn't going to help you in your ability to negotiate.  I know plenty of people who are book-dumb but good talkers, and other who are book-smart but poor talkers.

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I may be the odd one out on this, but I prefer Oblivion's approach to increasing stamina by actively running, jumping, and swimming (although I think Oblivion forgot to include running) as a more realistic approach. On the surface, reading books perhaps should increase speechcraft but I agree that it's not appropriate given Skyrim's definition is limited to bartering and persuading.

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As far as Morrowind/Oblivion Athletics and Acrobatics skills...check out SCS Skills...I think that what its called, he combines the 5 magic schools into 1 which give 4 free skill trees which he attributes to the older TES games. Actually adds a Primitive Firearms Tree. Its really cool and I currently have 2 playthroughs with this mod, At the time TTRSO was hot and I actually went with this one. I've never encountered any bugs and as far as I can tell its very stable and compatible with all SR:LE and STEP mods.


As for the Skill book EXP thing....come on guys... you cant say that if you were in the reality of TES Lore that "reading" couldn't enhance your skills at persuasion or intimidation?!

For instance your not from "Skyrim" and secretly made your way across the border from whatever country. Your not familiar with the populace, and the only experience you know of is from what "you've read"...reading can teach you so much about foreigners and yes!, even when it comes to getting a better price and intimidating them into submission. When I lived in Germany, had I not learned what I had from books (and hearsay from family/friends) I would have been caught very much off guard in that country.

Which in turn led me to be able to buy cigarettes under there legal age, if I couldn't walk the walk, and talk the talk, I wasn't getting ****, thanks the gods for books!


Anyways given Skyrims' limited scope of "Persuasion" it doesn't seem like gaining exp by reading books would be appropriate. But I say IT IS!! I mean come on you read 150 books over a playthrough and you gain..say 10 Persuasion points....thats cool! Your delving a dungeon, find a journal with a stranded horrible survival story and boom...you gain 1 point, mainly because you were already close to leveling from your last blacksmithing/shopping spree. Nice to have a little something extra to add to a skill tree that honestly....see's the least amount of EXP/leveling mid to late game. (like pickpocket)


I'm not advocating huge EXP gains, but very, very small. Based on the vanilla amount of books, if reading them all gave you at most 8-10 points (per playthrough), why would you complain?, a drop in the bucket, but after adding in the other mod-added-books, maybe it would cross the line. I think its cool to give another dynamic to the Speech skill which in my opinion was severely lacking in its application in Skyrim, with very few and limiting ways to increase the skill. Hence the above user complaints on the absent acrobatics and athletics skills.


And yeah you all should def check out the SCS Skills Mods, His athletics skills are on point. I'm level 76 and I've gotten my athletics to 89. I'm running and jumping fast but not game breaking or over done. I still get owned without followers (also using SIC/OBIS/HLE) so those 2 trees dont account for cheap battles, escapes or, cheating, imo, but def helps when not using a horse and trying to "foot" it. :)


I'd probably have to tweak this mod in CK if I wanted to run it, I love the idea but...after testing, I read 7 books and leveled....ehhh naaaahhh at that rate this is already overpowered, needs some tweaking for sure. I was hoping for a very small and subtle increase due to the amount of books in the game. Saying that reading all this amazing lore couldn't attribute to skill gain, I disagree. But hells y'all its 2:50 AM and I'm GONE! lol Peace brothers! xD

omg didn't see it was that long until I hit send...TIME FOR BED!! GOODNIGHT! :D

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