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Outdoor FPS fine, major drops in interiors

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With the "cutting edge" Bethesda engine knowledge focused in these forums, I thought this would be the good place to ask. :)


Common sense would suggest that if one's getting solid high FPS in the outdoors, interiors should be a piece of cake too. No the case here - I'm getting 58 fps (capped) almost everywhere in the Capital Wasteland and other outdoor cells (Megaton, isolated DC squares etc.), but also drops of up to 25 fps in certain interiors; a recent example in my curent playthrough being certain spots of the Red Racer factory.


What might be causing this? Where would one start looking for possible causes?

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Assuming you mean Realistic Interior Lighting, nope - almost no FPS difference between it turned on and off.


I guess this might just be the engine. The ~60 fps I'm getting in exteriors is pretty finely tuned (it does actually drop a bit in select few areas, such as Bigtown), so it might just be the case of anything that's poorly optimized showing as a noticeable drop.


It's still playable, just annoying. "Good" old Gamebryo. ;)

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