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Crash on startup



So after rebuilding the majority of my PC I've been going through and redoing the guide and have been getting issues between the Armor and Weapons sections. The game crashes during the weapons section but interestingly enough, even if I disable all of the weapon mods the profile itself still crashes on startup while the Armor profile with the exact same load order and installed mods, doesn't crash. Is there just some under the hood trickery going on that I'm just not good enough with MO to see?

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Some possible causes for crashes on startup are at the bottom of the guide. Also, Launch FO3Edit and make sure it starts up correctly, it's apparently possible to have load order problems that don't show up as warning symbols in MO. Even with the new MO there might be issues with number of unextracted BSAs; I haven't tested this since I extract all BSAs except the vanilla ones and the UUOF3P BSAs. Try temporarily removing the ENBoost d3d9.dll and using the vanilla one, although that's not likely to be the cause since the game starts with many of the mods loaded.

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