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  1. So after quitting out of New Vegas to get some lunch I returned to launch the game and instead of being taken to the main menu an empty version of the in game hud appeared for a couple of seconds before ctding. Running full F&L though the sudden arrival of this bug is...strange. I hadn't modified the files in MO or load order in any fashion. Any ideas?
  2. So after rebuilding the majority of my PC I've been going through and redoing the guide and have been getting issues between the Armor and Weapons sections. The game crashes during the weapons section but interestingly enough, even if I disable all of the weapon mods the profile itself still crashes on startup while the Armor profile with the exact same load order and installed mods, doesn't crash. Is there just some under the hood trickery going on that I'm just not good enough with MO to see?
  3. Yeah, Lucky Harith was outside when I started back into the game today complete with 3 guards and accompanying cow so I think we should be alright. Thanks again for the assistance, will zombie this post after some experience with the Exotic Caravans plugin.
  4. That does look promising, hopefully it will be insertable without completely wrecking the game. Thanks for the heads up, if I end up using this instead of MMM I'll let you know how it goes.
  5. I think I might give it a go with the MMM tougher traders mod alongside the FWE support and see if that beefs him up a bit? Better safe than sorry perhaps? Also I don't know if anybody else has said this but cheers for being like, readily available with assistance for this behemoth of a guide. Its incredibly helpful.
  6. So I finally made it out of the vault despite a handful of app hangs that kept popping up, so far the exterior world seems to be a good deal more stable but upon reaching Megaton I noticed that Crow had neither his brahmin nor his entourage. While I'm not using the MMM tougher traders additional plugin this still seemed...off. So I wanted to double check with you more knowledgeable cats to see if I need to fix something or if this is just a byproduct of being level 2. If it is of any importance he also had zero caps and a measly 3 stimpaks on him...maybe its just been too long since I played Fallout 3 and got used to the NV wandering merchants having miniature hoards on them...
  7. In regards to eXcalibr is the eXcalibr.esm file the only plugin actually required from the archive itself since the CALIBR.esm gets disabled? This wasn't wholly clear in the guide so I just wanted to make sure before I mucked it up.
  8. First piece of feedback is that the guide could be a bit more clear on whether or not replacing Type 3 and Roberts with underwear clad versions is actually necessary for compatibility reasons. On the bright side, halfwayish done?
  9. Not sure if this counts as general feedback or not but I'm freakishly impressed at the amount of work you and EssArrBee have put into these guides, starting on yours now and will come back with updates if/as I find issues. Thanks again for all the hard work.
  10. Checking in to say that the FOOK-PN Convergence install went ok so far. Just playtested for an hour or so to kill some Powdergangers and make sure leveled lists weren't going to make things asplode. So far it seems like downsizing to Pocobueno from a medium packaged Ojobueno seems to be doing the stability a lot of good since the last time I tried this. About to go poke around in FNVEdit and see exactly how bad of an idea this was. While I'm in there, any plans on adding any housing mods to the build? Or any advice on ones with a history of not breaking things?
  11. The only issue is that with FOOK already in play I'm going to end up cutting a lot of the equipment mods just because I mean...good lord, sometimes enough is enough. Other than that it shouldn't be too difficult. I'll let you know what issues I end up running into as I go along.
  12. So whats the word on adding FOOK-PN Convergence to this beast? Having some issues with getting it running with a load order including a fair amount of the things in this list.
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