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New Vegas Railroads (by Trainwiz)

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New Vegas Railroads by Trainwiz: https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/59674/?


Description: You ever find it funny that even though the NCR canonically have working railroads, and New Vegas is a high-profile area, there's no working trains, freight or otherwise?
I did. And because I'm the best, I've decided to add some actual trains to New Vegas. But then I decided to go the extra mile. Welcome to New Vegas Railroads. A worldspace/immersion mod that aims to get the Mojave moving a little bit, by expanding upon the NCR's often mentioned but little seen railroading endeavors. With this, the player may travel to the town of Bullhead, the major NCR railroad hub in the Mojave, and help them get New Vegas' railroads back up and running. But even if they choose to ignore that, Bullhead Railyard is full of things to do, with tons of unique weapons, equipment, and secrets scattered about.


It includes the Rifle 'Locomotive' mod.


It is compabitle with NVInteriors and AWOP.

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This does sound interesting and worthy of a slot. 


A quick search does not mention it over at TTW, so may not be compatibility with that but please correct me if wrong.  Does it need/has been ported into that environment?


Thank you.

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