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  1. Thanks for the replySatur9, I know of BiRait. I don't, unfortunately, know how to properly test the performance stuff out beyond fps. Trying to learn more about compression methods, pre-combines and everything else is proving to require more time than I have so I need to rely on those with more knowledge than me when using some mods. Going to look into his texture mods more = ) Thanks
  2. Trying to get suggestions, opinions/thoughts. Texture mods (mesh mods?) to optimize performance. I have 4 so far to test out was hoping to get some others. -FAR -TOP -Optimized Vanilla Textures -Vivid All in One
  3. The thing that needs to be kept in mind when I create tutorials is that every minute of view-able content takes me 2 to 4 hours of my life to learn(research/question/test)and create(text,voice,gather footage,edit)... so even shorter tutorials need a lot of time spent thinking them out (and in many cases more time... if I'm going to create an entire series on one topic I need to write out all of the videos a head of time to make sure I'm not repeating myself except where necessary and not finding something out by the time I create video 5 that should have been a part of video 1 and now cause a remake of an entire set of videos) . Conflict resolution is something that I'm learning how to present now in a different form. Since Smash will ultimately become a part of zEdit (as well as merge plugins) any content that I create for those programs today will be obsolete when zEdit incorporates then and Mator cause it official (this is also why I didn't dive deeper into Smash after that first video... time) = ) I have to pick and choose my battles and make sure that whatever I create can "live" as long as possible before it becomes obsolete.
  4. Sounds like things are going well = ) Good to hear.
  5. I knew it was something = ) I spend way too much time working on "this stuff" lol = ) Edit:... didn't get to the point to where i made my patches... My Way cut short for FO3 at part 7 due to moving things over (most likely) to TTW. 3.0 has tons of optimization and I can't make myself want to go back to default fo3 after playing it there. Lots of help from Roy with my guides. (this Navmesh process is his.. and he wanted me to make sure to tell people to do it towards the end of the their modding session)... Once I figure out what way My Way will go I will update accordingly. If I go TTW My Way will go in my archives.. if I stay FO3 default I'll update what needs to. I've been working everything out on paper first... nearly 100 google doc pages at the moment.. on break while creating an MO2 and Manual Merge series.
  6. I THINK there is a conflict with one of these navmeshes and the handicapped water beggars mod. That was the only one that I came across that had a navmesh conflict if memory serves (regarding mods I used).
  7. Hey brother = ) I'll respond better to your message later... but suggest that this process should be run at the END of your modding session (manual or auto, either way). xEdit carries forward records to your mods to make sure that if there are mods installed that use these navmeshes (very unlikely, but it may happen) it corrects them as well. EDIT: I haven't checked the script out either but it needs to be those specific ID's listed in the video, and if your plugins are not in the correct order it's going to fail.
  8. Did you test your mods as you went to make sure things worked or did you install everything at once then push play for the first time? Tested = Go back to the last point you tested, removed the mods beyond that point and load one at a time testing to see where the issue lies Never Tested (Installed everything and pushed play) = Start from scratch and test as you go. ... Asset mods could cause crashes due to pushing your GPU or the game itself past its limits ... Plugins could conflict if not set up correctly or a mistake was made during installation ... some mods like Sutter remover may just not work on your system.
  9. Had to recreate the nif's using both files (which is why I still need permission from Millenia). Each WMK variable has a number of models that needed to be remade. Then I need to upset the .esp as the 3D parts then point to wrong pieces of the weapon to hide. So adding a scope may give you a laser or you have guns with no triggers or bodies so I had to redo all of that. Carried the first person records over from the vanilla game to get some things to work too.
  10. So yeah. Every one of Millenias weapons work with Iron Sights and WMK now (just need to figure out the final permissions situation). AK47 is the only oddity in that it still only works with Ironsights after you start shooting. Holding aim doesn't center the rifle but firing it does. Once I get this in order I'll upload this. Whenever that will be = ) .. and link it for some feedback
  11. The Fallout Weapon Project seems to work with Iron Sights right out of the box (at least with the WNK compatiblity patch I've made they do. I didn't try the weapons on their own and I only tried the FWP weapons.. all seemed to have ironsights fine). Creating 2 plugins. 1 is just for the FWP weapons and the second will allow you to use FWP and his other weapons (3 i think? not sure how many.. just finished the mauser) with WMK. If you have suggestions on compatibility let me know. I don't think I'll take the time to do something like this again for a while but as I'm working on it day and night (mostly learning) at the moment I don't mind learning new things. Not sure I want to touch leveled lists yet. All of his weapons are replacers in these patches. perhaps I can attempt to make the weapons ironsight compatible if they aren't (any that I end up using). My list is smaller than I thought it would be (still have a ways to go) but I can keep it in mind. I have permission from Antistar. Mellenia gave Roy permission a while back but I rather get direct permission first. If I don't hear from him I may see if Roy cares to put his name on it with me for permission purposes. EDIT: I'm deciding to make just one patch I think for all weapons. Getting confusing trying to manage 2 plugins with how things are set up. And I hit the first RH issue. The AK47 doesn't work with it right out of the box. The Mauser is working though. Will see what I can do. EDIT2" The ak47 uses ironsights but you have to start shooting first for it to kick in. I'll look at it further. All the rest of mellenias weapons work with ironsights. Not sure if they did before but they do now.
  12. @kelmych I've created a compatibility mod between Millenia's Weapons (6 pack and working on his individual replacers now.. 2 or 3 of them I think) and Weapon Mod Kits. Finished the Retexture Project already. Need to wait to get permission before I can upload it. Emailed both authors. If I can't upload it I'll show how I did it. Its not a quick process.
  13. @Finnen Thanks for reporting back sir. Will give the dual info as well in the guide for those who have issues with windows 10. @spacebadger... never heard of it. There is an issue with FNV's plugin limit but I've never had issues with FO3
  14. Nothing mentioned about the .ini's with UHQ. The fix.esp actually points at a nonexistent mesh so you get the red exclamation points everywhere if you use that plugin. If you open it in xEdit (i sent this to the author in an email a little while ago) the nif in the plugin (6 places) is spelled wrong. There's an "a" that needs to be deleted from the 6 entries (very first letter). But then the texture points at a weird image so you then need to change the Texture Set edit (in xEdit) to point to a different texture. After that it works fine. I'm guessing the author will change it. Hopefully my message helps. If he doesn't see it I can just write the process out. The grass is awesome but its not my personal preference because I'm so use to a barren wasteland. I'm going to play around with the plugin. He also said that he is adding 10 more textures so I wouldn't dig too deep yet but I've already started to figure out what textures I want to keep and what ones I don't. Can't really set it in stone until everything else is finished with the mod but its pretty awesome. I'm working on my own optional mod pack for Flora Overhaul that Vurt will be uploading to the official page when its done (will be a couple of months). Using the Dead version as the foundation, adding forested trees outside of oasis and devastated trees to the heavily irradiated areas like vault 87. Mixing some vanilla trees in some places to be able to see NMC's textures in areas like in the mall where they make sense to be (makes the warzone feel really come out). Then I'm spacing a lot of the trees out so they aren't clumped together and shrinking a lot of them while making size variations.... i have to do all of this by hand... which is why it will take so long. Im working a lot of stuff out right now on paper... not uploading any more FO3 guide videos until i sort everything out .... will be doing a full remake of the series (most of it is the same but not all). Been learning a lot in previous weeks. Edit: Printer responded and just didn't have time to add the new meshes (above issues I was talking about). That will be fixed shortly and other stuff added.
  15. @kelmych not sure if you seen my other topic from last night https://www.moddb.com/mods/uhq-terrain-rock-roads-grass-overhaul/downloads/uhq-terrain-rock-roads-grass-overhaul
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