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  1. I'm not sure but think it may be related to problem in this thread and the NMM update https://forum.step-project.com/topic/13362-mod-organizer-cant-connect-to-nexus/?do=findComment&comment=221616 As mentioned there, I cannot start my TTW FO3/NV game, nor my Oldrim-STEP install from script extender within MO 1.3.11. I know my TTW Fallout was working yesterday, and now it does not, and absolutely nothing else has changed. The "hosts" file edit may solve downloads issue from Nexus, but I cannot start any of my MO games.
  2. While the "hosts file edit temporary workaround" may help solve downloading from Nexus, I cannot start my TTW Fallout3/NV modded game, nor my SkyrimSTEP via the script extender in Mod Organizer 1.3.11 Here is a troubleshooting thread I started documenting the thrashing about I have done so far... https://taleoftwowastelands.com/content/ttw-will-not-start-mod-organizernmm-update I never installed NMM and have always manually downloaded and installed into MO folder, so I have no idea what the problem is not being able to play these games, or if this NMM update is a red herring.
  3. Damn this STEP edit post time-out, so not my fault for spamming the thread... Fingers crossed this will work... Sniperwolf1014 wrote: 1. Navigate to the extreme_quality_flora folder in your UserContent folder. 2. Make a backup of the file "cook.hash" then open the original with notepad [you must force .hash to open via file/properties]. 3. Open the downloaded Extreme Quality Flora Compatibility Patch with notepad. 4. Replace the content of cook.hash with the text from the patch. 5. Save cook.hash and load the mod. ALSO be aware: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/1036291-extreme-quality-flora-v1/page-9
  4. FYI, timed out on edit for above post, but at this time don't know if this link will work in-game... Extreme Quality Flora Compatibility Patch https://www.mediafire.com/download/r1qcc461hj41h11/Extreme+Quality+Flora+Compatibility+Patch If anyone can explain how to use this .txt file it would be appreciated. These are the instructions from the Witcher 2 guide, and it just doesn't make sense, unless I'm missing something, or the 'patch' wasn't provided in proper format... Extreme Quality Flora Compatibility Patch Author: EatChildrenInstallation: Download the compatibility fix. Follow these instructions:Navigate to your Documents folder and open your Witcher 2 folderOpen the UserContent folderOpen the extreme_quality_flora folderExtract the cook.hash file from the download into the extreme_quality_flora folder overwriting/replacing the original fileThis patch allows the Extreme Quality Flora mod to be compatible with the Full Combat Rebalance 2 mod.
  5. Extreme Quality Flora Compatibility Patch is no longer available at the linked location in this guide, and search at Nexus reveals nothing. If anyone has this archived somewhere, please post, and thank you. EDIT: look here https://forums.cdprojektred.com/forum/en/the-witcher-series/the-witcher/mods-adventures-aa/26117-tw2-extreme-quality-flora-mod-update-fcr-compatibility-fix The link in mod author's thread is also reported down in 2016 and not resolved... :( Also, please note comment within posts at FRC2 download site; these 'fixes' are not reported in this guide, which seems to be abandoned...
  6. I don't know, I'm skeptical whether they "recreated everything from scratch", looks more like some creative photoshop filters used on re-sized textures, but who am I to say... If you like it and get enjoyment, use it, but beware if your GPU is on the old side, those are rather large sized files.
  7. There is [pardon my language] a hell of a lot of information in the STEP guide, and while it sometimes is not entirely clear at certain points how to exactly proceed (disabling "Birds of Skyrim" at a certain point springs to mind...), a bit of effort to follow up/research the step should resolve the user's impasse. As a noob to installing STEP and modding TES in general, after a successful install it's hard to understand/remember why you had a problem. Yes, you sometimes need to go back to go forward, but that's just part of the complexity of what you are accomplishing. Do not mistake the following, I'm sure the STEP guide can be improved in places for new people, but wow! You've all done such a terrific job at organizing the guide and making the Skyrim experience so much better graphically and stability-wise for me and my family. Cheers!
  8. Nvidia inspector in order to adjust custom game GFX settings within the card's driver. If you have an ATI card forget it, use CCC if it still exists (I haven't used ATI/Radeon in a looong while). I've read about optimizing the DDS textures (DDSopt), but have never done as it seems very laborious, and in truth have not noticed any issues that I am aware of (ie don't know what I'm missing?). That said, I'm fortunate to have a wife who didn't mind that I picked up a GTX 980Ti with 6 GB of vRAM, so no shortage of memory for me. And as far as I've read opinions, Skyrim is simply going to microstutter in places, and nothing will overcome that. It is a DX9 game after all, pushed to its limits.
  9. Well, not sure how to reply. You're "building a rig" but asking whether 0.1 GHz is going to make a difference when you plan on using a K chip CPU? If you also install an aftermarket CPU cooler (highly recommended anyways) you can easily put a mild overclock (ie not dangerous) on that chipset at least into the mid 4 GHz range. Ask over at overclocking forums. Remember first, Google is your friend.
  10. This does sound interesting and worthy of a slot. A quick search does not mention it over at TTW, so may not be compatibility with that but please correct me if wrong. Does it need/has been ported into that environment? Thank you.
  11. To the OP, I hear your pain :). I'm late to TES series and was overwhelmed by the mod choices available. What a community! The problem is for late comers like us is that there is a mountain of, at times, conflicting information in old threads and a lot of speculation about "clean saves" and "script cleaning scalpels"... After prematurely ending the career of my first beloved lvl 50 character because of self-induced instability, I stumbled upon STEP and the guide. If I have any advice as a relative noob to installing mods (modders make mods, we just install them...) if you really want to have a stable game experience, you have to learn how to use the tools properly. There are no short-cuts you won't pay for in the end. Mod Organizer I think is the best base tool, and while a bit more difficult to learn, once in hand you'll be running with it. All the other supporting tools can be run from within its structure. Read, watch vids, learn, there is no substitute. Then practice good modding procedures, don't install invasive game altering mods mid-play (textures and meshes generally not a problem AFAIK), and never uninstall a mod without going back to a save before it was installed. Back up the entire game folder to another drive before making changes is good advice, HD's are cheap now, just do it. Maybe just me, while not computer illiterate, but did manage to follow the STEP Extended install as I picked up the tools because hands-on experience as you go is a natural way to learn. After STEP-X I've installed many mods to suit my taste and have played through 2 other characters. I'm still learning, I can see how modding becomes a hobby by itself.
  12. Yes, anything you make with the software can be placed for upload, either for free or even commercial gain, and no worries about having to pay them (AwesomeBump) any royalties. I'm sure your base gravel image that you made your texture was not lifted from anywhere copyrighted. So you should have a clear conscience. Some images are free to use anyways, just acknowledge the original author. People just want to know their work is appreciated.
  13. "Why on Earth"? I just quoted one at the top of this page. If you really have to ask that question then you're not getting that everyone doesn't have the skills or experience yet that you do modding this game. That is just elitist, and if ... never mind, I'm done with it....
  14. If this is the case, then wouldn't it be helpful for the STEP install guide to at least briefly mention these mods as a possibility? (unless I missed something). So not as part of the core, I understand that, but as least consider pointing it out for the new people. There are always new players coming to STEP who don't know about the 3rd party environs, and/or don't know that this or that mod in the STEP will offer patches for the environs. Sure, these environs and STEP mods can always be installed/reinstalled, but there are so many mods to comb through after the fact.
  15. Wymrstooth is no longer available in a reliable location. I understand vers 1.6 was the latest. Please, would anyone be willing to (ahem) privately share their download via PM and link? Thank you, and apologies, remove if this violates rules.
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