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Arefu Expanded (Crimson Caravan v1_3) Performance and Removal problem



This mod is causing severe FPS problems on my machine, when looking at Arefu from a distance, i experience FPS drops down to 20-25, no matter my game's graphics settings. Inside Arefu it is a little better (down to 30). I do have all the fixes and also tried the optional .esp's.

So because i could not fix the FPS problems i tried disabling the mod completely. However this causes the character to sit inside the ground and be stuck to one direction of movement, even with no clipping mode on. It often crashes as well.

I tried creating a new LOD patch and a new bashed patch but to no avail.


How can i improve FPS in Arefu and especially when Arefu is in view in the distance? Or if this is not possible, how do i properly remove this mod?


P.S. Big Town also has FPS problems, although not as severe as outside Arefu and it's mostly inside the town.

P.P.S. I am running an AMD 290X and an overclocked i4670k, with 16 GB RAM. If the FPS can't be fixed the mod must be poorly optimized. I have not tried DDSopt on the mod yet, but i can't image that being the problem since i have 4GB VRAM. The FPS drops in this game are usually caused by an overloaded CPU (in areas with lots of NPC's, for example in Megaton even with the lesser NPC's mod).

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I don't get great FPS when I'm near or in Arefu, but it has been tolerable. My system isn't very different than yours (see my signature block). I expect the mod isn't as well optimized as would be desired. There are always possible problems when you disable the mod. If you do make sure you are far away from Arefu and don't go near it for 10-20 game days.


The optimization I'm discussing above is not texture optimization, but optimization of the scripts and quest steps and stages. This can't be done with an automated tool; it's a design and game engine issue. DDSopt of some textures such as the vanilla textures may help a little to make the game more stable, but it won't make a huge difference. You can try changing the max texture size of some texture packs to see if this helps, and ENBoost does decrease performance while it is helping reduce memory usage problems.

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