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  1. Hi, i just finished the complete guide and now i look at the right pane in MO and notice some esp's are turned off, see screenshot below. Is this normal? These look like they need to be activated. https://i.imgur.com/QZmpqNZ.png edit: OK, nevermind that. It's because of the bashed patch of course. Now i am wondering if i should disable some mods because i used the premade merged patch. And why does it say in the guide "save ILO - Merged.esp" instead of Merged Patch.esp. Is this a mistake?
  2. I used https://www.nexusmods.com/witcher3/mods/1964/ to change the scripts to 1.30 then re-merged all mods. It works now, but i'm not sure if that did the trick. Changing the line didnt work, probably because i already switched to 1.30. I also removed the ModBaseScript based on 1.30 i was using before which was causing a lot of trouble.
  3. I'm looking for a solution to this too. Any luck finding it?
  4. This mod is causing severe FPS problems on my machine, when looking at Arefu from a distance, i experience FPS drops down to 20-25, no matter my game's graphics settings. Inside Arefu it is a little better (down to 30). I do have all the fixes and also tried the optional .esp's. So because i could not fix the FPS problems i tried disabling the mod completely. However this causes the character to sit inside the ground and be stuck to one direction of movement, even with no clipping mode on. It often crashes as well. I tried creating a new LOD patch and a new bashed patch but to no avail. How can i improve FPS in Arefu and especially when Arefu is in view in the distance? Or if this is not possible, how do i properly remove this mod? P.S. Big Town also has FPS problems, although not as severe as outside Arefu and it's mostly inside the town. P.P.S. I am running an AMD 290X and an overclocked i4670k, with 16 GB RAM. If the FPS can't be fixed the mod must be poorly optimized. I have not tried DDSopt on the mod yet, but i can't image that being the problem since i have 4GB VRAM. The FPS drops in this game are usually caused by an overloaded CPU (in areas with lots of NPC's, for example in Megaton even with the lesser NPC's mod).
  5. Unifortunately, disabling IMPACT does not help. The Bashed patch is the problem. So only when i place the Blackened patches at the very bottom , after the Bashed patch, it works (only the one that includes RH is enough). If i place them just before the Bashed patch it doesn't work. Is it going to be a problem to have the Blackened patches after the Bashed patch? I also tested the theory that i have added Fallout3.esm to the Bashed patch, but that doesnt seem to be the case (dont know if it matters).
  6. If you have applied any .ini tweaks for multicores, try resetting them to default. Some of the tweaks may actually cause crashes instead of improving performance. If it runs fine without the multicore tweaks, don't use them. Also, increasing the available memory and cells loaded generates crashes for me.
  7. Thank you for you answer, i did use the userlist.yaml file and i have taken a look in the FO3Edit program. Inside Fallout.esm i located the chinese assault rifle and this is what it shows for the 1st person entry: Seems like IMPACT is the problem here since it is the last before the Bashed patch and has the wrong entry? -edit- i guess IMPACT is not part of the bashed patch, Wrye must have included another patch with those settings then, i'll try placing the Blackened patches closer to the bottom.
  8. Some of my weapons are not using the iron sights when using the right mouse button. It will just zoom in a bit but you retain the low accuracy of not using iron sights. When i shoot while zoomed in it does show the iron sights, but then its too late. So far it happens on the Assault Rifle, Chinese Assault Rifle and Sawed Off Shotgun. I followed the guide and let LOOT sort the plugins. I added bash tags and made a bashed patch. Here's my load order, can this problem be fixed? I mean, the animation is there.. The assault rifles are very strong (120+ damage) but now only useful in VATS mode.
  9. I'm currently following the STEP guide for Fallout 3 and don't understand what to do here when it says: The Main mod contains the 20th Century Weapons -Plus- Reborn FWE-WMK-Calibr14_V1_70RC_18668.esp file which is the only ESP that should be in the Available ESPs list. Fine. Then i install the RH Ironsights patch, but now it says the 20th Century Weapons -Plus- Reborn FWE-WMK-Calibr14_V1_70RC_18668.esp file should be moved to Optional ESPs..? 1. Referring to the last line; the RH Ironsights patch does not contain a 20th Century Weapons -Plus- Reborn FWE-WMK-Calibr14_V1_70RC_18668.esp file, only the main mod has this. The Ironsights patch only contains a 20th Century Weapons Plus Reborn v1 70RV 18668 Ironsights v1 1.esp plugin file. 2. If we are talking about the esp file in the main mod again, then this information is conflicting (don't put it in Optionals/do put it in Optionals). This is what it looks like when i merge them all, so you can see the ESPs, which ESP's do i need exactly? What i guess i should do is put the Ironsights patch plugin 20th Century Weapons Plus Reborn v1 70RV 18668 Ironsights v1 1.esp in optionals.
  10. You think F&L is compatible with New Vegas Uncut - Outside Bets? The instructions say Can i disable just the trooper gloves from ADAM? Nevermind that, i see F&L doesn't include the trooper. That explains why i couldn't find it.
  11. Thanks for the suggestion, i turned it off. Not sure if it helps but im willing to try anything to make populated casinos work with as little fps lag as possible. Looks like they simply sharpened the textures in Hall of Equipment, making them look very grainy.If you haven't tried, the console command 'ToggleEmotions' also helps a bunch. You do need to apply it every session. You don't really notice the difference, i believe its minor facial movement like eyebrows.
  12. Yea the NPC's put a terrible strain on the code, when i throw a grenade in the casino the FPS gets murdered along with the people. I now tried the light version which is a lot better, but very light indeed. Well, better than vanilla i guess. I just think its weird that i cant play with the high version which has been download 136.000 times.
  13. I just got to the Atomic Wrangler and the FPS there is terrible, lots of stutter when looking around. It's because of all the NPCs added by Populated Casinos. I used the high version at first but now use the medium version. However it is still pretty annoying. I use ToggleEmotion to make it a bit better, but perhaps there is a good fix for this? I know its probably an engine limitation but i don't see how anyone can use Populated Casino's on high or medium without a lot of stutter. I tried many things already such as different settings in Stutter Remover, different bLoad .ini settings but nothing completely fixes it. The default ini settings seem to work best for bLoad settings. I'm not using AA or VSync, all the multithreading ini options are turned on, iNumHavokThreads=2, i increased BudgetCaps (the game still uses a scary low amount of RAM but perhaps everything is loaded in my 4GB VRAM). My system is pretty good: i5 4670K, AMD R9 290X, 16GB RAM, NV on SSD drive
  14. Many missing ammo recipes are included. However, some are not but i don't think you're gonna need them. I took a quick look at my reloading bench and creation recipes that appear to be missing from Caliber X, but included in Missing Ammo are .22LR, .223 (for 5.56mm), grenades (25/40 mm), surplus ammo, 12 Ga. Dragon's Breath, flechettes (12/20 Ga.), pulse slugs (12/20 Ga.), 12.7 JHP, .45 JPH, .50 Explosive. There's probably a few more but i don't think you will miss them (except maybe .22LR)
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