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Any mods that fill up the west side of the map?

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Basically I'm just looking any mods that utilize the west side of the map, to west of the mountain range along side Goodsprings, and the Mojave Outpost. It just seem's like such a waste, to not be utilizing such a large section of the map. Below is an image of the highlighted section of the map I'm talking about.



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There are several reasons why I would assume no one has done anything with that area, and I think the biggest one being is that area is not reallt developed in any way. They would need to practically redo the areas if they wanted to add anything. I doubt it is completely navmeshed either. Not to mention invisible walls. On the map it looks detailed, but if you go over there there it is pretty much just really basic terrain with no detail added.

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Yeah I see what your saying, it's really unfortunate such a huge area was left out of the game though. And as for Warzones, I'm not willing to risk breaking my game, no matter how cool it is, its to bad the author abandoned it, in favor of working on Skyrims Civil War, although I do love that mod too. 

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