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  1. form what I understand Powered Power Armor does something similar, although not as pronounced as that mod. The problem I have with that mod is if a person, say Veronica for example, who is around 5'5" put on some power armor, that mod then makes her close to 6'5", which is ridiculous. None of her joints would line up with the power armor, and it would be impossible to move. On top of that that mod affects character scale, so if the character is not wearing a helmet the head will look abnormally large. Aswell as any weapons that character is using.
  2. They are supposed to be separate, at least thats what the guide seems to indicate, I installed them separately and did what the guide said and everything is working fine for me.
  3. try Launching the game without any mod's and see if it still happens, if it works fine then there is definitely a problem with one of your mods. If, however the problem persists without any mod's active then you may have to do a fresh install of new vegas.
  4. Yes I fixed this by Double clicking FCO in the left pane in MO, and going to the conflicts tab and hiding any eye textures from NV Redesigned 3 that were overwriting FCO's. Best of all I didn't need to download a patch or anything.
  5. It's pretty common to have a bit of pause when launching a heavily modded game because of how mod organizer load's the mods. The problem can be intensified by HQ texture pack as it further increases the amount of data that needs to be loaded. It does the same for my Skyrim setup.
  6. Oh I see what you mean, TBH I don't have a problem with, it seems more realistic to me. It's more like he's doing the reloading near his mid-section/hip rather than right in front of his face. I have seen a lot of experienced gun owners reload their guns like this. Once they become used to reloading a firearm, they dont need to see whats going with their hands, their muscles memory remembers it for then. It's no different than playing games, the muscles in your hands remember where all the buttons are so you don't have to look down to see what your pressing. But again that's just my opinion, and I can understand some not liking it.
  7. What do you mean by "hiding"? Because I have no problems when I reload any gun, I can see the full animation play out.
  8. This might be wise seeing as some people have a plugin limit of 130. So maybe add a new section for optional additions, for those with a bit more wiggle room.
  9. The plugin limit is different for everyone, some can push close 140, while others can't. As for the naked caravan gaurds I have no idea. I know in my game some of the NCR Rangers are naked, the only thing i can suggest is to boot up FNVedit and see whats mods are affecting those NPC's.
  10. Whoa those are some really strange problems, so first question, did you optimize your textures using DDSopt? Second, whats your plugin count? the reason I asked the second question is because I have heard that really strange things can happen if you exceed the plugin limit.
  11. The problem is it gets merged into Yukis merged mod so its not as simple as placing it before NVR3. The author does say that this can be remedied by creating a bashed patch but seeing as how I have one and the problem persists, I'm going to say that's probably not the fix. I wonder though has anyone else noticed this problem.
  12. Not sure if this has been discussed but the Higher Companion Level Cap mod resets the appearance of companions back to vanilla, is there anyway to get it to play nice with NVR3.
  13. Your best bet may be to load a previous save before encountering the remnant forces and dismiss your companions, if you can. I believe the mod your talking about is beyond boulder dome, I accidentally entered into that quest as a level 3. I wasn't ready to do it yet so i just started a new character.
  14. IMO while I like the idea of NS I don't think it fits the game, not to mention the storms caused my FPS to tank to an unplayable level. While RWL on the other hand does make the mojave feel more sun baked, which i feel fits much better to what that sort of setting would be like, very bright days, and dark star lit nights. And even though i have never been to nevada, i do live in florida, and I can tell you that during summer, you need yourself a pair of sunglasses, even the refraction from the sidewalks make you squint, so i can only imagine what its like in the mojave. Edit- and oh I use Overgrowth ENB just to drive home the bright washed out desert feel.
  15. OONV has some Incompatibilities with essential mods in F&L as stated by the mod author as followed "Project Nevada - No scope zooming (This removes the "Has Scope" flag) but no other issues WMX/WME - Massive issues, incompatible. (Try loading before this plugin? Not sure if that will work) EVE - Texture issues, do not use EVE laser rifle textures/meshes and load before this file."
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