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Additional Gameplay Merged?



I was wondering if the mods in the Additional Gameplay section of the guide can be merged. Most of them (apart from Couriers Stash integration and More Perks) I think are just .esp files. I'd just like to reduce my plugin count so I can install a few more mods.

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Not sure if you've figured anything out since you posted this, but I successfully merged some of the mods from Additional Gameplay. They were:


Ammo Ingredients as Loot

Armour Repair Kits

A Few More Map Markers

Casino Exchange All

Extended Dialogue Vulpes Inculta

Improved Casinos

Portable Campsite

Tales from the Burning Sands - Project Nevada Patch


I haven't tested the merged plugin extensively to see if each mod merged into it is functioning correctly, but so far so good. The game loads just fine and no strange bugs that I have encountered. After merging in FNVEdit, I checked for errors and there were none. You can possibly try to merge a few more into it, I just merged the ones that I figured would play nice with each other and bring my load order down just enough to accommodate the additional mods I'm running. 


Also, as an aside, I merged Centered 3rd Person Camera into the F&L Tweaks esp. I just used the merge script in FNVEdit. Every plugin slot counts  :;):

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You can run the generate bash tags script on the plugin with xEdit and it will do it for you.


  1. Go to the link, right click RAW, save the file to your FNVEdit/Edit Scripts folder. Make sure it's saved as a .pas (Pascal/Delphi) file.
  2. Open FNVEdit, load only the plugin, hold shift while clicking [OK] on the mod list.
  3. Right click the plugin, apply script, selected the generate bash tag script.
  4. Choose yes to apply to the header and let it run.
  5. Save and close.
  6. Bash will now apply tags automatically.
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