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Cubes instead of UI



HI there,


Have a problem with my UI; I mentionned it in another F&L Support topic but I think I could create a new one for that particular weird problem ...


So, I have cubes of different colors that appears on my screen : one seems the cursor, I think some take place of text ... (see pictures)


Somebody told me about the font section in the ini of DarnUI but I did'nt find an ini in my mod ... Is that normal ?


Thank you very much !


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here my section in fallout.ini














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First off, I would like to say I am sorry Pandore that you are having so many issues. You seem to have encountered some of the weirdest issues I have ever seen. :\


If the User Interface Organizer is installed correctly, it should automatically iron out any issues. If I do recall from the pictures you had more than one square in more than one location right? My advice would be this:

Start a new MO profile and untick every mod except the following: New Vegas Anti-Crash, New Vegas Stutter Remover, and UI Organizer. Also keep anything else required to run the game. But when you make a new profile, make sure you don't copy your current one. I want you using the default .ini files. Then, also remove the d3d9.dll from your games folder so your ENB is not in use.


Next, load up the game with only the said things done and start a new game. Play the game until you exit Doc Mitchell's house. If the issue does not happen then we can safely say that it was a mod issue and we can go from there. However, if it does still happen, then I think your GPU may be artifacting? Either that or it is your monitor. :\


But let us hope that it is just a really weird mod conflict.


Cheers, Audley

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