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Compass/HP/AP missing after finishing install

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I noticed these are missing from my game. I initially thought that maybe ihud was to blame, but even if I don't activate it, these are still missing.


Did anyone encounter this problem, and if you did, can you please tell me how to fix it?




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I really don't understand how all these problems occur to you people. You just follow the guide and everything works just fine.


Ok, maybe I haven't installed everything since some mods are just a matter of preference, but especially after UIO the User Interface section is more than a piece of cake to accomplish. Imagine that in the past we had to deal with specific mods being able to install only through FOMM, then create mods from the Overwrite Folder in MO, sort them, look out for overwritten xml's, even manually manipulating xml's to include features from one hud mod with the other, etc.


What I did was exactly following the guide's instructions for the mods I have included in my setup.





I haven't installed the Advanced Recon mods for my own preference reasons and to save up some plugin slots, the Flashlight mod because I never actually used it or find it any useful in general, the Powered Power Armor mod again for preference/plugin space reasons and the same applies for the JIP mods. The Supplemental UI section is again a matter of taste for each individual but its not so critical overall. Mods like the descriptive icons or the no more dots mods are again a personal choice to not include them, but other than that if you install everything the way and order the guide instructs you there is 0 problems, at least for me.


But even with all of them installed, like I did in a previous setup everything worked flawlessly as far as I remember. I would remember a missing compass and HP/AP bars for sure!


I didn't tweak any of the occurring overwrites I just let them be in the order I installed the conflicting mods. After all, UIO is taking care of everything.


Sorry if I sound aggresive, but there are so many topics popping about UI issues while in the meanwhile I can't seem to reproduce anything no matter how faulty I try to install the mods in the guide in order to let's say find the issue of yours and others problems. It's just non sense :O_o:

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Indeed you sound aggressive. I also followed the guide as carefully as I could, but I skipped less mods than you, and maybe that's why I have this problem.


Anyway, my load order is this:

Active Mod Files:


00  Fallout3.esm
01  Anchorage.esm
02  ThePitt.esm
03  StreetLights.esm
04  BrokenSteel.esm
05  PointLookout.esm
06  Zeta.esm
07  Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch.esm  [Version 1.8]
08  CALIBR.esm  [Version 1.4]
09  Advanced Recon Tech.esm
0A  Inventory Access.esm
0B  aHUD.esm
0C  iHUD.esm
0D  Mart's Mutant Mod.esm
0E  ArefuExpandedByAzar.esm
0F  DCInteriors_ComboEdition.esm
10  EVE.esm  [Version 0.99]
11  AWorldOfPainFO3.esm
12  Vault 101 Revisited.esm
13  WastelandGuards01.esm
14  CRAFT.esm
15  FO3 Wanderers Edition - Main File.esm
16  Detect Traps.esm
17  tubrrCompound.esm
18  Enhanced Weather - Rain and Snow.esm
19  Xepha's Dynamic Weather.esm
1A  Project Beauty.esm
1B  xCALIBR.esm
1C  20th Century Weapons.esm
1D  CrowdedCities_v2.esm
1E  DarNifiedUIF3.esp
1F  Advanced Recon Tech.esp
20  Advanced Recon Range Finder.esp
21  Flashlight-LOS.esp
22  DynamicCrosshair.esp
23  Stimpak Counter.esp
24  PPA - The Pitt.esp
25  JIP Realistic Weapon Overheating.esp
26  JIP Selective-Fire.esp
27  YearlingBooks.esp
28  Confessor Cromwell has a Break_EV.esp
++  PaladinHossPekFix.esp
29  CASM.esp
2A  The Mantis Imperative - Mantis.esp  [Version 1.08]
2B  FO3 Wanderers Edition - Main File.esp
2C  WeaponModKits.esp
2D  WeaponModKits - FWE Master Release.esp
2E  FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Broken Steel.esp
2F  20th Century Weapons -Plus- Reborn FWE-WMK-Calibr14_V1_70RC_18668.esp
30  MetroCars.esp
31  Big Town Overhaul [GangStore].esp
32  FortIndependenceRedesigned.esp
33  FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Anchorage.esp
34  FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC The Pitt.esp
35  UUF3P - FWE Patch.esp
36  Realistic Interior Lighting.esp
37  Blackened FWE + MMM + EVE + Project Beauty.esp  [Version 3.3]
38  ArlingtonRestoration.esp
39  tubRRCompound.esp
3A  Rivet City Realignment.esp
3B  Temple of the Union Overhaul.esp
3C  Caravan Merchants Heal After Combat.esp
++  DIFF.esp
3D  The Mantis Imperative - Jello.esp  [Version 1.08--ADVENTURE]
3E  HeirApparent.esp  [Version 1.81]
++  FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Point Lookout.esp
3F  Advanced Recon Tech FWE.esp
40  Laurens_Bathroom_poetry_V1.esp
41  Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Main + DLC Merged.esp
42  DCInt_ARoomWithAView.esp
43  PLweightadjust.esp  [Version 1.08]
44  NotSoFast.esp  [Version 1.07]
++  WeaponModKits - FWE Talon Loot Crash Fix.esp
45  JIP Companions Command & Control.esp
46  FO3 Wanderers Edition - DLC Mothership Zeta.esp
++  The Mantis Imperative - Nasty Zeta No Scaling.esp  [Version 1.1]
47  MoreMapMarkers.esp
48  BaileysCrossingMetro.esp
++  Hi-Res Weapons & Ammo Textures - The Pitt.esp  [Version 1.2.0]
++  Hi-Res Weapons & Ammo Textures.esp  [Version 1.2.0]
49  RubblePilesFix.esp
4A  Enhanced Weather - Weather Sounds in Interiors.esp
4B  Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Dynamic Sneak Bonus.esp
++  Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Green Tint Remover.esp
4C  Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Rain.esp
4D  Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Sandstorms.esp
4E  UrgeWashingtonBoS.esp
**  Project Beauty- Broken Steel.esp
**  Project Beauty- Point Lookout.esp
4F  K9Breeds.esp
50  BBBackpacks-v1-1.esp
51  Museum.esp
52  K9BreedsMoreDogs.esp
53  Kentbury Way.esp
54  Dree Perks.esp
55  Existence2.0.esp
56  CanterburyCommonsInteriors.esp
57  Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Weather Machine (Quest Added).esp
58  AutoGates.esp
59  Xepha's Dynamic Weather - Weather Machine (Vendor Added).esp
++  K9BreedsPatchDLCPitt.esp
5A  FeralGhoulTest.esp
5B  GlowingGhouls-MMM.esp
5C  Dragonskin Tactical Outfit.esp
5D  Advanced Recon Gear.esp
5E  Detect Traps Merged.esp
5F  Powered Power Armor.esp
60  PPA - Broken Steel.esp
61  PPA - FWE.esp
62  PPA - Mothership Zeta.esp
63  PPA - Operation Anchorage.esp
64  DragonskinBonusPack.esp
65  UniqueWeaponsRetextured.esp
++  UniqueWeaponsRetextured_FWE.esp  [Version 1.2]
66  WeaponModKits - BrokenSteel.esp
67  WeaponModKits - OperationAnchorage.esp
68  WeaponModKits - ThePitt.esp
69  UniqueWeaponsRetexturedPITT.esp
++  UniqueWeaponsRetexturedPITT_FWE.esp  [Version 1.1]
++  xCALIBR_20CW_v5.12.esp
6A  WeaponModKits - Zeta.esp
6B  WeaponModKits - PointLookout.esp
6C  PLFewerItems.esp
++  20th Century Weapons Non-Changing Weapon Conditions.esp
6D  CALIBRv14 Ammunition Schematics for FWE-WMK-CRAFT-V1_3-18639.esp
6E  Brahmin Dairy Products.esp
70  IntoTheDeepWoods.esp  [Version 1.061]
71  ArefuExpandedByAzar-FixOptFireBarrels.esp
72  RockopolisRebuilt.esp
73  CONELRAD 640-1240.esp
74  ArefuExpandedByAzar-Radio.esp
75  PAL - MERGED.esp
76  megalight.esp
77  FO3NeckChains.esp
++  Chems and Meds Re-Textures Pack.esp
++  Paradise Lost - Unique Texture and Icon.esp
78  RagdollOverhaulFo3.esp
++  AnimatedFanV2f3.esp
79  GNR Enhanced.esp
++  PPA - FWE 2.esp
++  PPA - FWE Tougher NPC Power Armour.esp
++  Dragonskin_for_FWE_2014.esp
++  SVDForFWE.esp
7A  20th Century Weapons -Plus- Reborn Cut Weapons.esp
++  FO3LODGen.esp
7B  Flora Overhaul.esp
7C  Bashed Patch, 0.esp



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User Interface problems in almost all cases are not a load order issue. It's just what xml file loads finally in your game. And of course how organized that specific xml is and what it contains. Which is what UIO is helping you with.


The only visual conflict I can think of is with let's say 2 mods that both include an interfaceshared0.dds file in which case you'll be missing the customized icons, compass arrows, or whatever from the overwritten mod.


Bare in mind, that the other UI problem I saw somewhere recently with the missing menu/mouse pointer when starting the game is not always a fonts/UI issue. I use a weapon replacer mod not included in the guide called Book Of Earache(BOE) which when loaded together with the any of the Big Town Overhaul's plugins it would make my menu/mouse disappear. Both mods do not conflict anywhere, either files or records in FO3Edit, but I would get this problem no matter what. FO3's engine is bugged as hell and nothing can be done about it.


My advice, copy your current profile into a new testing profil and untick all the mods till your UI section. Start testing your hud in-game from there and make sure that everything works fine. Then add every section of the guide one by one (ok obviously you can skip this with the textures mods or mods that generally include only textures, meshes or sounds) testing your hud in-game until you find what bugs your game. Although I doubt it would be any mod later in the guide.

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Thanks for trying to help me. I was hoping it would be something that I could fix easier. And anyway, I have bigger problems right now, with the MO profiles getting corrupted after a time, it seems, leading to "Fallout 3 has stopped working". How tiresome.

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Verify integrity of game files in Steam or do a complete re-install of the game if not using a steam version. Run the FalloutLauncher.exe choose your video settings (Antialiasing and Anisotropic Filtering ---> Off, HDR ---> ticked, Water Displacement ---> unticked if planning to use ENB), launch the game choose your in-game settings (white fonts for optimal performance of Better High Detail Map mod, untick all autosave options), exit and then go in your Documents and set your newly created fallout.ini and falloutprefs.ini to read-only. Probably you should do the same for the Fallout_Default.ini (if it's not already by itself) in your Data folder.


After all these, start MO create a profile, then go into your installation folder/Mod Organizer/profiles/your profile/ and untick the fallout.ini and falloutprefs.ini from being read-only so you can tweak and change them for that specific profile you created.


That's how I keep my vanilla ini's intact and backed up. You can do all the font changes, Quad core fix tweaks and generally all the tweaks suggested by the guide in that MO profile's specific ini's.

Always keep a totally vanilla FO3 profile in MO with just the official DLC's (maybe also the Updated Unofficial FO3 Patch) just for the sake of it, it's never a bad idea.

It's also a good practice to create a new profile every time you finish a section of the guide and after you've checked that the previous one is working correct in all aspects. That way, when you screw something and come to a dead end you can always delete that profile, copy the previous one and continue from a point you know it is working fine.


A general suggestion I remember seeing from some old Fallout Remastered topics would be to start a completely vanilla gamethrough, do all the generic stuff until you exit the Vault 101. Make a hard save there and start modding/testing your mods from that save on. It doesn't matter if it makes sense or not, this game is the most crash prone and bugged game I've ever seen so even pointless things matter.


After you do all this and finish the UI section I might be able to help you personally with any problem, since I've followed this process like more than 30 times the last 1.5 year so I remember any issue that I came across.


Believe me I have completed this guide multiple times just to start the game and see it crashing, not loading, not behaving as expected, etc. I've been where you are now so many times it's not even funny mentioning it anymore. Modding is a continuous trial & error process and every time you start from the beginning at least you feel stronger and far more experienced than the last one.


When you finish all this, we can start talking about load order stuff since me personally I disagree with the use of LOOT or BOSS, since both are not perfect and have major flaws (for LOOT the fact that it places weather plugins like in the middle of your load order is just something to begin with).


PS. I've never had any profile getting corrupted in MO. First time I read about that. Can you specify what do you mean by "corrupted"? A profile working fine and the next day not working?

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1. Several user comments suggest that the fomod installer in MO doesn't always provide the right files. The two most problematic cases are the "FWE_Master_Release_6-0_-_Part_1" file and the "Better High Detail Map and Icons" file. In both cases there isn't much real need for the fomod installer with these mods and this guide since what needs to be installed is straightforward, and the installation is fairly easy to do manually. I'll add some material in the guide about doing so for these two mods.


2. With the use of MO and UIO, the UI mods other than the DarnUI mod, FWE and associated files, Dynamic Crosshair, and aHUD should be easy to install, and their MO priority can be changed without causing problems as long as the mods that UIO needs to see have lower installation priority than UIO each time the game starts (UIO rebuilds the main HUD xml file each time the game starts). As Braintree mentions, these UI mods can even be left out and installed later, as long as they are then put into the correct installation order.


3. The UIO Nexus page describes what is needed to add a mod; it basically says to add a file that includes the name of the folder and xml file inside "menus\prefabs". Any mods that do more to the "menus" folder than adding a folder inside  prefabs and an xml file can potentially cause problems unless the proper steps are taken. aHUD is problematic because it also modifies the primary HUD menu xml file, and for UIO to recognize that a mod has added a new version of hud_main_menu.xml that has higher priority than the one that UIO saw the first time it ran it is necessary to delete the copy of "menus\main\hud_main_menu.xml.uio" in Overwrite. If aHUD is added after UIO is run the first time, the fix for aHUD is in the guide; if aHUD is used without this fix the visibility of some UI elements like the compass might be affected.The fix for Dynamic Crosshair is also in the guide; even though UIO says is supports Dynamic Crosshair there are problems without this fix.

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Thank you for the replies, Kelmych and Brainfever. 30 installs? Wow, I admire your patience ::): .


My current problems seem to go far beyond UI it seems.


Yes, Brainfever, when I say that MO profiles get corrupted, I mean that they work for a while and after I get "Fallout has stopped responding". Initially, I fixed that by returning to the default profile, which had the original esm's, and activating and ordering all the mods in the left panel. And the game worked fine, for about one hour and a half. But then I deactivated ahud, to see if that fixes the missing compass, and I again get "Fallout has stopped responding", even if I reactivate ahud. And it seems that all profiles are affected now, even the default :confused:


I think maybe the only solution is to completely reinstall, but I don't have the energy to do that right now, especially since at the end I might have the same weird MO problem. Maybe in a couple of weeks.

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When UIO is used you can't just deactiveate aHUD (since it has the copy of "menus\main\hud_main_menu.xml" with the highest MO priority). If you do this you also need to delete the file: "menus\main\hud_main_menu.xml.uio" in Overwrite in the left pane of MO before restarting the game so UIO will properly regenerate this file. If you later reactivate aHUD you need to copy the original version of this file from the archive file of aHUD into "Mod Organizer\mods\aHUD\main\menu" and do this deletion again before restarting.


Ideally UIO would put the current version of "menus\main\hud_main_menu.xml" in UIO itself, but unfortunately it doesn't. This causes problems unless you are careful with any mods that have this file since if they have the highest priority version of the file UIO will replace this file with one that UIO creates.

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  • 1 month later...

Just wanted to say that I made a complete reinstall, being a lot more careful than the first time, and removing about a third of the mods I originally selected, and the game seems to work! Even the compass works correctly this time. Just Lucas Simms still doesn't have arms, like last time, and I have some black spots on my characters skin for no reason, but I'll settle with that. I'm just happy that it works!


Thank you, again, Kelmych, for this great guide! ::):

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