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Skyrim Modesty Mod (by Iceburg)


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Skyrim Modesty Mod on the Nexus




Description: This mod edits both the skinny and fat versions of 15 female amours. That's 30 meshes designed to make Skyrim a more modest country.
Unlike other modesty mods that simply replace immodest armors with modest ones, this mod tweaks each armor so that you can enjoy a more modest Skyrim, while maintaining all of its original diversity.


This mod will be incompatible with mods that change vanilla armor meshes, but it shouldn't be incompatible with texture replacers.


>>I'm interested in adding this mod to my STEP Core setup. Maybe not to my packs, because I have no idea if anything will conflict and so on. I hope I'm not the only one in the Step Republic that likes this :)

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While I love the mods that make women bustier, I always hated the mods that made the clothing skimpier.  I must admit that I quite enjoy viewing a nice ass and a big rack whether it's in art or on a real woman, I can always appreciate the intrigue of knowing that something obviously very nice is concealed behind an outfit that only shows off the curves of what's underneath.  Anyway... . . this mod works with the vanilla meshes apparently (so no big breasts or anything), and makes some of the skimpier vanilla outfits (which there aren't too many - thankfully) less skimpy.  It's a cold region afterall, and in general the clothing is supposed to be for climate and combat protection; not for sexual provocation.

EDIT: I think some of the outfits should be a little revealing though, like the wench and barkeep outfits... Maybe Nocturnal's, if she is supposed to be a little sultry - she is a god afterall so she can wear whatever she wants... or maybe the vampire outfit since they aren't affected by the cold.

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BSA extraction, using MO: Enable the mod, click on the "Archives" tab in the right section of the MO window, scroll down until you find the mod's .bsa, right-click the .bsa and select "Extract", find the mod's installation folder and use that as an extraction destination, find the mod in the left section the MO window and view its information by double left-clicking it, click on the "Filetree" tab, and then right-click the .bsa file you extracted and either "Hide" or "Delete" it since it is now redundant.  The contents of the .bsa should be there in the mod's installation folder instead.

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