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Unable to Interact with Locked Doors



I recently finished install the STEP Core mods. All of them, expect for Faces - GeonoxFaces. 

I've tested thoroughly and the only issues I'm having is interacting with locked doors. 

Providing that the door is not locked, I can open it just fine. I can also interact with NPCs, items, etc. 


I have several other personal favorites installed in addition to the STEP Core mods: 



CoT + Patches

Etheral Clouds

Lighting During Thunder Storms + Patches

Realistic Sun for CoT

Supreme and Volumetric Fog

True Storms


Cloaks of Skyrim + Patches

Winter is Coming


Realistic Needs and Diseases + Patches


Fishing in Skyrim

Harvest Overhaul

The Huntsman

Primal Fear

Dangerous Spell Comments Removed

Wet and Cold 

Wet and Cold Ashes

Immersive Armors 

Immersive Weapons

Unique Uniques

Alternate Start 

Civil War Overhaul

Civil War Repairs

Immersive Patrols

Hunter's Cabin of Riverwood

Coldwater Cabin


Immersive Hud

Belt-Fastened Quivers

Wearable Lanterns 

Convenient Horses


Deadly Dragons

Lanterns of Skyrim 

Drinking Fountains of Skyrim 

Take Notes 


Falskaar + Patches

Moonpath to Elsweyr 

Perkus Maximus

Perkus Maximus and PaMa Patches 

Perkus Maximus and PaMa Patches Survival 

PerMa Headless


Tunderchild + Patches

Seasons of Skyrim ENB 

Watercolors of ENB and Realistic Water Two

Realistic Lighting Overhaul + Patches 




In advice would be greatly appreciated. 


Thank you! 

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