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Dovahkiin Reborn

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Small suggestion: for Elemental Destruction Magic, I would suggest that you add a note instructing the user to add "Elemental Destruction.esp" to ModInclusions in ASIS's Automatic Spells ini. This way, they can appear on NPCs. The mod author himself added a few NPCs that use these spells, so I imagine there should be no technical problems with doing this.


I also took a look at the mod in TES5Edit, and it has a conflict with Disparity, though it's nothing critical. It adds resistances to the new spell types to some of the races, namely it makes Argonians resistant to water and Orcs to earth. Disparity will overwrite these changes. Nothing huge, though.

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Hi dreadflopp,


Do you know if Elemental Destruction Magic plays well with Ordinator?



It should but I haven't tested in-game. EDM uses vanilla perks to enhance the spells, the same perks that enhance vanilla spells. Ordinator modifies these perks but not the vanilla spells. Thus, if vanilla spells gets enhanced by ordinator EDM spells should get enhanced too.
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Thanks for the update!

I will be switching to Ordinator per guide. What do you think about uncapper for Ordinator which has much more perks than TTRSO? I found this uncapper mentioned on Ordinator mod page. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/68720/?


I've since switched to Ordinator. Personally, I don't use the uncapper: I intend to use Dragon Blood for additional perk points, recommended by the TTRSO author. I adjust the likelihood to be 25% instead of 75%. I adjust leveling rates via SkyTweak to slow things down.


I wonder if using the custom uncapper might make things a little unbalanced. Ordinator perks are often more powerful than vanilla perks, and adding 50 more of them seems like a lot. You might also consider looking at the Ordinator uncapper included with Morrowloot Ultimate.

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Making a balanced uncapper setting is time consuming and maybe not even possible since everyone has different play styles. I'm going to review my custom uncapper settings again. The uncapper settings that darkside linked to is very similar to the settings of Better Leveling, which is also stated in its description. Better leveling and this mod evens out leveling. You'll spend just as much time at level 1 as at level 20. This is the purpose anyway. They tries to balance skills by changing how fast different skills level and how much experience you gain from them. These mods also changes lots of other values like carry weight at level up and max level. They also change if it's character level or skill level that determines experience gain. I prefer settings closer to vanilla but what settings to use is very subjective imo.

MLU settings is much closer to vanilla and just makes you level at half vanilla speed. I'm probably going with the MLU take on this but add some stuff from Better Leveling.


Ordinator adds lots of perks but you are not supposed to get a third of them at level 80 like you do with the settings from the mod Darkside linked to. This is stated by Enai on the nexus page of ordinator. Enai doesn't use the uncapper and getting more perk points per level unbalances the game.

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Why we need this LOOT rule for RealisticWaterTwo.esp? I would like to know the reason, so I can double check my load order. I use SR:LE + REGS + MMO.


  • Add LOOT rule for RealisticWaterTwo.esp, set priority 965000



Lots of the XCWT - Water record from RW2 were suddenly overwritten. I don't remeber by what, possibly Complete Alchemy & Cooking Overhaul (CACO) that were moved after RW2 by LOOT because of my CACO LOOT rules. Moving RW2 to a later position in the load order prevents these records from being overwritten. All conflicts between RW2 and other mods are being sorted out in the patches.

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