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  1. Latest version: 4.0.3 (October 21, 2014) You can read it and download the patches here. Let's be honest here, Skyrim might be a great game, but it is nonetheless lacking when it comes to the world itself. The villages and cities seem incomplete, the number of quests is pretty limited if you remove the guilds stuff and the generic FedEx/favor quests. This pack will cover all cities and towns and limit itself to clean/cleanable mods (sadly, a lot of quest mods murder the game’s navmeshes) It aims to better the game overall by improving the cities and towns, as well as adding a few quests, without derailing from the vanilla feel, or modifying any of the player homes (that way you’re still able to install any house mod you wish to) Mods that add giant factories, airships, overpowered items, crazy followers etc. are deliberately left out. Compatibility notes: This pack aims to be fully compatible with STEP: Core, STEP: Extended, and other gameplay/visual packs such as SR:LE. The pack will provide you with: An easy installing and patching process, with the inclusion of a FOMOD installer for all available patches.Brand new and fixed navmeshes for all the mods that needed it.Cleaned and CTD-free mods.Conflict resolution.Grey face bug fixes.Optimal mod combinationsProper NPC behaviour packages.Removed incompatible or low quality content.Revamped versions of outdated mods.The Explorer's Guide has been made explicitly compatible with:STEP CoreSTEP ExtendedBetter Fast Travel - Carriages and ShipsTouring CarriagesMods currently included :Expanded Towns and CitiesNernie's CitiesBetter City Entrances and Better DocksDawn of.. SeriesMost of ThirteenOranges places modsCutting Room FloorImmersive SettlementsImmersive College of Winterhold...As well as many other great mods. Have a look at the wiki for a full list of the included features.
  2. New pack that used to be a part of a bigger pack. I have broken up my pack Modular Morrowloot Overhaul into smaller part to make it more accessible and user friendly. The old pack page serves as a patching guide if you want to use several packs at once. https://wiki.step-project.com/Pack:Skyrim_Gameplay_Rebalance
  3. Hi folks, Spock and I have been discussing building a full Requiem pack with built in compatibility to CORE, Extended and SR:LE. This will replace current Requiem packs currently published. As well as compatibility with these main builds we want to be able to be compatible with some key packs such as Explorer's guide, War Ensemble, Survival, Weather and Lighting packs as well as currently non existing packs such as Werewolf and Vampire pack (may as well call it Dawnguard pack). I have begun the wiki page but would like to hear any input or suggestions for this pack in this thread. It will take time to build this pack but much of the work and testing has already been done or is at least ongoing, but we would really benefit from your own experiences as far more people are using Requiem these days so lots of useful tip, trick and or bugs must be out there to help make this pack as complete as possible. All the best EDIT: The pack is now live but unfinished. It has more detail that the base Requiem pack as far as mods to add go and mods to change or remove and will work as is. I need to wait for Spock to get some time before doing more on load order and patches. I have not added much for SR:LE yet though I may add the modlist soon. We want to get the STEP part working solidly and patched first. EDIT 2: Pack is mostly finished as far as STEP and SR:LE goes. Other pack integration is of course still a WIP. Lots of great discussions and testing going on especially with respect to REGS. I will be building up my Survival pack and then adding in instructions on this site. Weather and Lighting is already compatible but cell edits from mods such as ELFX, RLO etc.. potentially provide compatibility problems with Requiem and this is a key area for development. SR:LE as is has it's own survival and lighting sections but is not complete yet, Requiem does complete it in a Requiem y way (not the way Neo is going to go) and the two work well together but you will still run into problems potentially in some cells but generally the game runs great. LINK
  4. New pack that used to be a part of a bigger pack. I have broken up my pack Modular Morrowloot Overhaul into smaller part to make it more accessible and user friendly. The old pack page serves as a patching guide if you want to use several packs at once. https://wiki.step-project.com/Pack:Deleveled_Loot
  5. This is a standalone pack for making exploration of the environment of Skyrim more challenging both outside and in. Additional notes are added to make this pack compatible with Requiem. It includes mods that many people use such as frostfall, Realistic Needs and Diseases, Cloaks etc.. It also adds in changes to traps because lets face it vanilla traps can be a surprise if you are not looking (they are really obvious in game) but are unlikely to cause you much of a problem other wise. Traps should be deadly and hard to spot, in that way exploring ruins and dungeons becomes a good deal more immersive. This pack is compatible with all other packs I have added as well as SR:LE, STEP CORE and Extended. I will update this post when the page is complete. :) Pack is live now. NOTE: I have not included "Wet & Cold", it is a very good immersive mod but can tax the game engine somewhat so this is an option that is included in STEP Extended. EDIT: I have added "Fires Hurt" by abot. This fits in nicely with the ethos of this pack - You need to eat and drink, you need to wrap up in the cold, you need to avoid traps and try to avoid standing on or too close to a fire in order to survive in real life so works for me in Skyrim.
  6. New pack that used to be a part of a bigger pack. I have broken up my pack Modular Morrowloot Overhaul into smaller part to make it more accessible and user friendly. The old pack page serves as a patching guide if you want to use several packs at once. https://wiki.step-project.com/Pack:Dovahkiin_Reborn
  7. I installed Dreadflopp's Dovahkiin Reborn pack, already have Survival by Smile, and intend to install the other compatible packs. In post installation instructions he says to set Global Priority for several .esp in LOOT, all of which are very large numbers, for example: RelightingSkyrim_Legendary.esp to 90100. Problem is LOOT only allows integers from -127 to 127... and I certainly cant find a way to change this. Not sure why the guide says this, and I'm not sure how to make this work. For now I've set them to numbers like 120, 121, etc. but I don't know if this will achieve the same result, especially because there may be other plugins that need to go in between? Can someone explain this to me?
  8. NO LONGER SUPPORTED!!!! Introducing: The Return Of The White Wolf: Witcher 3 Modding Guide by rootsrat Wiki Link RETURN OF THE WHITE WOLF THE MODDING GUIDE This guide's main aim is to make the game a better experience, improving all of the game aspects to make it more challenging and realistic, better scaled and prettier to play, while remaining friendly to The Witcher universe lore, including the previous games and the books. This part is very important to me, so you can rest assured that if you follow this guide, you'll get The Witcher experience as close to the books as possible and the one that will be realistic and serious. Please be aware of your hardware limitations. If you are struggling to get the game running on Ultra/Uber details, you'll probably want to skip the configuration file modifications. The guide will be updated with new mods and better tools as they are released, so expect a lot of changes until all the basic tools are released and modding scene for Witcher 3 matures. The game itself is also being updated and the developers are working on the bugs, with the updates being released every so often, so please also bear in mind that the guide is written for the specific version of the game and may not work with the future versions of The Witcher 3. I will make clear indication which game version is the guide for. Another thing to note is that I am using GOG Galaxy version of The Witcher 3, not the Steam version, so adjust all the file paths accordingly if you use Steam instead of GOG Galaxy. The guide is using step-by-method to instruct users how to install the mods. It's listed from top down and it is advised to install the mods in that order to make sure that all directions are followed correctly and no steps are missed.
  9. Update 6 dec 2015: The original pack has since long been split into several other packs. For information on how to combine the packs into one big overhaul, follow this link: https://wiki.step-project.com/User:Dreadflopp/Dreadflopps_Modular_patches This thread is used to discuss the combination of my packs and some other packs. Me and Nicopad have been working on a new gameplay overhaul pack. This is mostly made for ourselves but since sharing is caring we thought we'd present it here and see if anyone is interested in this and if we should make it into a proper Pack. We would like to have some input, ideas and critisism to what mods we have chosen and to the Skyrim Community Uncapper .ini file. Thanks! Edit: the wiki is up https://wiki.step-project.com/Pack:Skyrim_Gameplay_Overhaul
  10. Is there a way to have the Step Patch without certain mods? specifically Improved close faced helmets
  11. Skyrim Rejuvenated Pack page As the pack description says... This is to give Skyrim a completely new look and make it feellike a new game. Some will call it non-lore friendly but I am not worried about that as long as it is reasonable. I am doing this because I want to get a feel for the STEP Pack system and way of things. The pack will probably not need to be maintained that often because it is mainly going to consist of textures. Share your thoughts and hopefully some will like it. I want this pack to be mostly textures and be pretty much compatible with anything. what about Automatic Variants?
  12. Perkus Maximus (PerMa -PaMa) Pack I'm currently working on organizing my current notes for running Perkus Maximus on a large mod list. Read Skyrim Revisited - Legendary Edition + REGS + Perkus Maximus with some of my other favorite goodies sprinkled in. I'm using WB 306 Beta and am not seeing any issues (after sorting out a problem I was having with the perk tree names). It might take me a while since writing HTML with inline CSS is not one of my favorite things to do. I will be updating as I find things or more patches are made for the patcher and bugfixes are made. Oh. Also I use LOOT for sorting so I'll probably be including any necessary LOOT instructions though I doubt they're even needed. Some notable things are I'm not using ASIS from SR:LE or any of the Gameplay Affecting Quests Mods from REGS.
  13. This pack concept is simple. Utilities - It should be a collection of useful modding utilities geared mostly toward troubleshooting, benchmarking, optimizing settings, and NOT mod creation. Current list of ideas: Find It: Mfg Console - Skyrim Search Plugin - STATUS Fix It: Save game script cleaner Report It: ConSkrybe Memory Blocks Log See It: Skyrim -Elys- MemInfo Optimize It: FPS Limiter - Borderless Window - NVIDIA OPTIMUS D3D9 DLL FIX This, of course, is just a quick list I threw together. Please add any comments/suggestions.
  14. THIS PACK IS NOW FULLY FUNCTIONAL BUT IN A BETA STAGE I SUPPOSE - IF YOU TRY IT OUT PLEASE LET ME KNOW SO THAT I CAN IRON OUT ANY KINKS - PARTICULARLY IN THE DESCRIPTIONS IT SHOULD ALL WORK FINE AND LOOK GREAT. - LINK IS BELOW. :) Hi I came across this collection of mods while putting my game together many of which I have only just started using. They seem to work really well together and make the weather look really spectacular in Skyrim - you actually want to get inside not just because Frostfall tells you to. Give them a whirl and see what you think. There are no special instructions for install other than the obvious and BOSS sorts the load order out. Climates Of Tamriel - 3.1 include Dawnguard and Dragonborn Patches (Falskaar patch if you have that). LINK Climates Of Tamriel - Weather Patch - Fog Rain Overcast - 2.72 include Supreme Storms Patch. LINK Climates Of Tamriel - Weather Patch - Snow - 2.1 LINK Use the main plugin unless you have HQ Snow Textures in which case use that one (recommended) Expanded Snow Systems - Climates of Tamriel Version - 3.15 LINK Lightning during Thunder Storms - 23.0 LINK Lightning during Thunder Storms - Climates of Tamriel - Patch - 3.1 LINK Morning Fogs V1.2 LINK Quality SnowFlakes HD V2 LINK Realistic Sun for Climates of Tamriel and Vanilla - 2.0 LINK Splash of Rain - 1.04 LINK Supreme Storms For CoT - 3.1 LINK :) EDIT 1: Removed Real Rain and Fog mods - as not needed with Climates Of Tamriel - Weather Patch - Fog Rain Overcast - my bad I though the mod was proposing to these things rather than actually doing them all that happened was that the removed mods were overwriting the other but weather seems to look just as good without and as always less is more. Thanks Aiyen for drawing my attention to this. EDIT 1a. Due to recent contribution from prod80 I have put Morning Fogs mod back as it is fully compatible and looks great. EDIT 2: Some lighting suggestions that go really well with this weather pack suggestion. EDIT 3: Added in Climates Of Tamriel - Weather Patch - Snow, I use this and it is worth having. EDIT 4: Added Unreal Cinema ENB as an option. EDIT 5: Updated instructions and added Realistic Nights to the list. EDIT 6: Replaced Morning Fogs with Morning Fogs Refined and added Dramatic Clouds as an option. Updated instructions in Weather Patch with respect to using Realistic Nights. :) WIKI LINK PLease give me some feedback on this so I can improve on it.
  15. [video=youtube]http-~~-//youtu.be/_54l8-9blxk RIP Jeff Hanneman. War Ensemble is a small pack centered around the Civil War using ApolloDown's Civil War Overhaul with some smaller mods to enhance it. @Everyone: Â I'm still looking for a few more mods to tweak the Civil War Questline, as long as they aren't full overhauls that will conflict with CWO, so please make suggestions. REQUIRES A NEW GAME OR CIVIL WAR OVERHAUL WILL MAKE YOU SAD!!! Modlist: STEP: CoreAlternate Start - Lets you start as Legion or Stormcloak.Civil War Overhaul - Basis of the pack, adds in new elements to Civil War, like the ability to actually lose the war.Civil War Repairs - Repairs cities after a battle, so rubble and fire will disappear.Immersive Patrols - Battles and Civil War Plugin to add a bunch of war everywhere.Perfect Legionnaire - Former STEP mod for Legion troops, adds in some armor flair.aMidianBorn Stormcloak Officer Armor - This will be included until it is part of Book of Silence and STEP: Core.UltraHD Stormcloak and City Guards - Really good textures for StormcloaksBonus/Optional: Dragon Combat Overhaul - You will have to do at least one dragon fight to finish the Civil War Questline.War Ensemble Patch - Mostly done, need a finished STEP: Core patch to merge with.Secondary module: Collection of STEP: Extended mods to enhance gameplay (EBT, BSFE, DSI....)Wiki Page So far this has been tested without any causing any crashes, freezes, ILS, and corrupt saves through 20+ hours of testing. This was also before Safety Load released, so it should be even more stable with that. There are few small bugs that can pop up while using CWO, since it is so complex. The key is to save often and if you experience a bug just reload from you last save, usually one quest back and it should work the next time. The Civil War was extremely buggy to begin with and probably why it was so unfinished in the first place, so don't expect any miracles. Using Alternate Start will allow you to jump right into the war if you just want to do a power run through the Civil War by choosing to start as Legion or Stormcloak. You will need to fight at least one dragon to advance the Whiterun part of the quest so Dragon Combat Overhaul is recommended, but definitely not essential. I'm currently waiting for a few things to happen for the STEP: Core patch to come together, and then I will have a finished patch to distribute with this pack that will include the STEP: Core patch merged into a patch for this pack. EDIT: Okay I added the links since the Nexus was being weird earlier for me. EDIT: Apparently I don't have Pack permission on the wiki so I'll create the page when I do.
  16. Remember, we have been thinking about this stuff for nearly three years, so all would do well to study the Data Dictionary of our Semantic Mediawiki implementation of Mods and Packs in particular. Please discuss or add input on the above-linked DD Talk page All Pack-Mod-centric information needs to be consolidated on the page I linked in order to be implemented (so that we all know what is going on and why). A forum is just too convoluted for consolidating ideas. Let's get all of the good ideas onto that Talk page and revise the Packs tab in particular as necessary. Even if you just want to add links to posts over here on the forums ... THAT IS FINE. Just please help us to consolidate on the wiki (I am way too immersed in RL to take that on myself ATM). At some point, I will tidy up the wiki page and consolidate everything neatly. In short: Mod Template (i.e., mod pages) should contain all common, static mod-specific info about a given mod. These pages are absolutely necessary to driving the wiki for just about any implementation that is desireable. No getting around creating mod pages, so bite the bullet and get them created as necessary. They will NEVER go away Pack Template should contain all common, static pack-specific info about a given pack. Like mods, pack pages will never go away, but we can drastically change them to suit the needs of Pack usersGuide Templates bring Mod/pack info together, and we could have more than one type of template even to produce whatever guide style is wanted.Versioning or tracking of other changing information associated with specific Mods/Packs/Guides (conflict res, instructions, version #s, patches, etc.) will need to be handled as Semantic sub-objects or some other method that is scaleable and practically maintainable.Anyone interested in helping out needs to learn about Semantic Mediawiki. A prerequisite is a decent understanding of wiki markup in general as well as template creation and maintenance. Lastly, anyone interested in helping with development of the SMW infrastructure as actual devs or just those willing to propose viable ideas and contribute in an organized way (this is you Nearox and Smile, et al.), please PM admin to get access to the DD forum thread and Pack implementation forum thread and get ready to read a lot of historic info. Pack Proposal With the release of STEP v2.2.9, STEP will shift it's focus to our new paradigm outlined out the STEP:Mandate page for STEP v2.3.0 and beyond. This also means STEP:Extended will be shifted from the main STEP:Guide to a Pack and will be the Official STEP Pack. What is a Pack? Well to quote the Mandate: You can see a list of example Packs created by users here: https://wiki.step-project.com/Category:Packs Some are using the in-place infrastructure which we're considering to be a Beta format and some are simply using a normal Wiki page. Our goal is to have all Packs using the infrastructure that the Wiki Devs have put their hard work into; however, we need help from the community and that's where you come in! The infrastructure is still in a Beta state; however, is working for simple Pack creation and should be mostly, if not completely, bug free. We need you, the community, to help improve this infrastructure by using it and providing feedback on its use. Even if you don't play on creating a Pack, you can use it to create a "dummy pack" for testing purposes and these "dummy packs" can be removed later. We're looking for all and any feedback! Everything from feature suggestions to changes and/or improvements on existing features and its use will be helpful. Even if there are Core mods that you think would be best shifted to Extended, we want to hear about it! If you're interesting in testing this out, please contact a Staff member to be added to the Pack Author group on the wiki. Wiki Development If you know your stuff with Wiki Development and are interested in becoming part of that team, please let us know! We're always looking for new members that can work in this area. Keep in mind the wiki uses https://semantic-mediawiki.org/ . Feature Ideas, Suggestions and Improvements Ability to use a custom CSS file via the forms as well as a default one if no custom CSS is providedAdd Pack Author group to forums with or without a badgeTabs to the form on the Mod Pages which users can access to for adding general and Pack information. See discussion starting here.See this post for Nearox's well rewritten ideas for mod tables, ToC and more. Clarifying post here.Addition of icons (see here)Load Order section (see here)Features Implemented / Changes Removed the "Mod List:" text from the tables headers so only the user's desired titles will display. (Template edit)
  17. Announcing the Player Home PACK. This pack will be a collection of lore-friendly cabins, cozy homes, and small mansions for the player, with several able to house the player's spouse and children. Keep in mind this is currently WIP with a few more to be tested & added. If you see a discrepancy or have a suggestion, feel free to let me know. Update 30/4/2015 Major pack updates are on temporary hiatus until I am no longer working 3 jobs and 60-80 hour weeks.
  18. Copy/Pasted from the wiki. >>WIKI LINK<< Introduction This pack is not targeted as a general pack, as a few of the mods will cause you to have to play a certain way. If you do, or want to play a hunter character who spends a lot of time exploring the skyrim wilderness instead of fast travelling, this pack will add some spice to your playthrough. Features If this pack is fully installed as I have it set up you will; - Be vulnerable to cold weather and rain, and will have to actively keep warm and be selective about your armour. - Have to eat, drink and sleep or you will be affected by negative buffs, and ultimately die. - Be able to become diseased, again suffering from negative buffs. - Have an array of craftable traps, which can be placed and activated when something walks over them causing damage. - Be given more options when looting a beast kill. It can be picked up for later use, or it can be butchered for meat and ingredients on the spot. - Get more loot from harvesting ingredients that would otherwise give you only one. - Be able to obtain a hunting themed home on the edge of Riverwood. - Notice your character's muscles dynamically grow when used over time. - Receive visual feedback from attacks. - Get more immersive game messages in the form of thoughts. - Be able to craft a variety of cloaks to help resist the elements; NPC's will also wear cloaks now.
  19. Pack is abandoned by me and no longer supported. Please open VEGA's Guide at the Wiki This forum thread is here for support. The Wiki has the full install instructions and information. Update 21-1-2014: I recently came back to modding. However at the moment there is just too much excitement with regards to the new memory patch. Before I update the VEGA Core pack again, I'll explore the new possibilities opened up by the patch ánd I will wait for step 2.2.8 regardless. Just a note that may be helpful to you: - The author of SIC has built in RotE compatibility since version 6.51. - The author of SIC has made it carry over the functionality of HLE. See this link https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/24913/?tab=4&&navtag=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.nexusmods.com%2Fskyrim%2Fajax%2Fcomments%2F%3Fmod_id%3D24913%26page%3D1%26sort%3DDESC%26pid%3D0%26thread_id%3D1338389&pUp=1 What this means is that you can simply disable SkyRe enemy scaling and not use my (outdated anyways) patch for now. 90% of the patch was related to SkyRe-RotE. STEP now has a core patch which has largely similar patching contents compared to my old patch, and then the step team added some more. VEGA Vanilla Enhanced Gameplay Alternative Pack for STEP:Core [*]Skyrim Redone [*]Autosave Manager [*]Convenient Horses [*]Deadly Dragons [*]Enemy AI OverHaul - Revenge Of the Enemies [*]Extensible Follower Framework [*]High Level Enemies [*]Skyrim Immersive Creatures [*]Unofficial Skyrim Redone VEGA DESCRIPTION Vanilla Skyrim the way it was meant to be played. New and different enemies are added by SIC, as well as random outdoor patrols and encounters. The combat system, player & enemy perks, potions and magick spells are defined by SkyRe. Bosses and special NPCs are provided by Enemy AI Overhaul. Riding horses is fun and immersive. Your followers are smart and you can have multiple. You will need to bring 1 or 2 followers (and some potions) in order to succeed at bosses, especially at low levels. Dragons are more difficult than city guards. Skyrim is now both challenging and rewarding, but it is not a hardcore experience. VEGA complements STEP:Core, and they work flawless together. [*]No extenstive TES5Edit compatibility patching required from you. [*]My compatibility patch is available for easy download and easy installation. [*]Hundreds of NPCs have been patched manually. [*]All NPCs edited by Revenge of the Enemies follow the level scaling and related health, magicka, stamina and skill points from SkyRe Enemy Scaling because Revenge of the Enemies is static instead of dynamic. The SIC extra added spawns are excluded from this because SIC has its own dynamic scaling system. [*]All bosses, leaders and special NPCs use the combined spells ánd the abilities from both SkyRe and Revenge of the Enemies. Some bosses have more than 15 different attack moves/spells now, which make for very interesting fights. They scale according to SkyRe plus the added boss health from Revenge of the Enemies. Get ready for epic dragon priests and master vampires. The way it was meant to be. Although not all the bosses use all assigned spells (not sure why), they do use more and are more diverse - especially dragon priests. [*]All 'standard' NPCs (e.g. a regular skeleton) have the perks from SkyRe and no or few perks from Revenge of the Enemies. The latter adds too much stuff to regular mobs, which can make normal fights last too long, too complex and too tedious. [*]Removed many of the lore-unfriendly non-sensical racial powers that were added by Revenge of the Enemies to regular NPCs. They just don't fit the Skyrim setting like that at all. I did this to the best of my knowledge, but I'm sure there are still many left. If you see a regular mob using a very powerful thu'um, that's Revenge of the Enemies at work. [*]Re-tweaked the Community Uncapper.ini. Normally, levelling above level 30 suddenly slows down a lot, even with SkyRe. But because SkyRe and HLE really encourage high-level play, I increased the speed at which skills contibute to levelling up. Starting from level 30, the leveling speed is increased by approximately 20% for every 10 levels. From level 81 onwards (the old vanilla limit) you will level at 2.5x speed of the Skyrim Redone Uncapper. Don't worry, you won't become overpowered quick. It still takes ages to get to the next level. But this keeps the game interesting to play, giving you more of the excellent SkyRe perk choices. Unless you want to finish all quests and all expacs at level 60, not having had the fun of some of the most interesting SkyRe perks? Enemies still scale with you no matter what, and some enemies become more difficult at higher level. ​Disclaimer: I tried to make the compatibility patch as complete as possible but I am sure I missed quite a few things because of the sheer number of edits that had to be made. I cannot guarantee that 100% of mobs are patched correctly, but you should not run into any game-breaking issues if you encounter any mob that hasn't been patched. At worst, the mob is overpowered or underpowerd. I will bring out updates to the compatibility patch in the near future. You can already start playing as you can simply replace the old with the new patch later. For VEGA install instructions, go to the Guide at the Wiki VEGA Troubleshooting & FAQ Requirements [*]STEP:Core 2.2.7 mods as indicated by the green color bar next to the mod name. No other STEP mods, other than the ones in the VEGA pack. [*]STEP:Core 2.2.7 mods installed following either STEP baseline or performance instructions to the letter. [*]STEP:Core 2.2.7 INI tweaks. Shadows 2048 or less. [*]BOSS [*]BOSS Userlist Manager [*]Mod Organizer 1.x (I do not use Wrye Bash for organizing my mods so I can’t extend support to that but the install should also work with WB). [*]Wrye Bash (used for the bashed patch) [*]TES5Edit 3.0.31. Miscallenous Information Stability Tests done - Played a Character up till level 15. No CTD. No Freeze. No ILS. - The Aiyen/rootsrat test" (forgot who's it is, please remind me): Main menu --> coc riverwood --> player.setav speedmult 500 --> tgm. Run to all the major cities in a clock-wise circle. Amount of times succesfuly completed: 2x. No CTD. No Freeze. No ILS. - The "Vurt" test: Open save game (from my regular character for this setup) --> player.setav speedmult 1500 --> tgm -->tcl. Fly around for 10 minutes without crashing. Amount of times done: 2x. No CTD. No Freeze. No ILS. Performance results from my system (see signature) - Max VRAM observed during gameplay: 1985 MB - Min FPS observed during gameplay: 35 FPS (The Rift) - Average FPS during gameplay: 60FPS in 80% of outdoor areas. Only big drops appear in the Rift/Falkreath area, which are more related to STEP:Core than to this pack. - Script Latency Test: Most outdoor areas it is at 38 ms average (high 55ms, low 25ms). Some areas like Rift/Falkreath it is at 50ms average (high 72ms, low 28 ms). I've seen a rare spike to 90-100 ms (high, not average). A value between 50 and 100ms is regarded as safe. Known issues - None Conditions for Support and Assistance - Latest NVIDIA or AMD drivers (no beta). - No ENBs, ENBoost, SweetFX or any other post-processing software. - No INI tweaks other than the STEP tweaks. - No other mods, this also means no other STEP mods. - No overclocked GPU or CPU (if you still do this, be aware that freezes/ctds may be caused by overclocked hardware) (GPU overclocks tend to be more unstable than CPU). - No RadeonPro. - No STEP Extreme (too high texture mods cause instability when combined with this pack). - Your Skyrim is stable on your system running STEP:Core. - If you use BETA 2.0 versions of the Unofficial Skyrim Patches, I will not be able to support them (yet). If you must use ENB/ENBoost/SweetFX, only enable the tool after your game has been found stable. Of course, your game may and probably will still run well if you use these tools, but I can only support any instability issues you may have by excluding them. I will not be able to support deviations from this, sorry. On a final note, I did not DDSopt anything at all. Skyrim's engine can handle STEP:Core + VEGA well. I have used VEGA on much heavier setups (SR + SR:LE) without problems. If you have issues they are related to your install or to your system. Please post your questions here and I will try to help as best as I can. Credits Mod authors STEP Community STEP Team Neovalen for the SR guide Iroha for the SR+ASIS+SkyRe guide Changelog 22-10: Updated Compatibility Patch. See link in the Wiki. 03-11: Decided that Apocalypse Spell package will be included once the author finishes SkyRe compatibility.
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