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The Return Of The White Wolf (a comprehensive Witcher 3 modding guide)


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Don't think we have any generic screenshots thread, so I'll put them here. Finally started my new playthrough using my guide + my own ReShade (still WIP, will share when ready) and it looks something like that:




More screenies to come. In other news, I'll probably continue to update the guide, but not very often.

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Your reshade looks amazing!


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Thanks mate, you can get it here: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/238055-RootsExplo-Elite-ReShade-preset


I created it for Elite Dangerous initially, but actually it works pretty well in The Witcher :)


Use Scroll Lock to turn on/off and Pause/Break to turn Chromatic Aberration on/off (it makes the screen slightly more blurry, but gives the game a nice cinematic feel).

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I followed Neo's guide and used your tweaks. I think one of them is causing shadow glitches, but only on Geralt's head/hair. Looks like flickering lines in the shadows. Only on his head though. Do you have any ideas?


EDIT: looks like it's happening all over his body too 



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