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  1. Hi Gernash, Looks like a great guide, but I have a few questions. How important are the exact installation paths for MO and the various tools, and the location of ModOrganizerData? I would want it set up like this: D:\Modding Tools\Mod Organizer 2 D:\Modding Tools\Mod Organizer 2\ModOrganizer2Data D:\Modding Tools\FO4Edit D:\Tools\BethINI Not that I would mind terribly to follow your guide to the letter, but this would fit better with what I already have set up for other games and tools. Also, should I stick with MO 2.0.7 or use the newer
  2. Hi, I just downloaded and installed a fresh copy of Fallout 4 and Mod Organizer It seems to work pretty well at first glance, but I've run into an issue with launching an external app from MO (FO4edit, wrye bash, LOOT, ...). The first time it works fine, but after doing some stuff, closing the app and opening another (or the same one), MO crashes. For example: - Launch MO - Launch xEdit - Edit a plugin - Close xEdit and save the plugin - Open xEdit again --> crash I have both the steam folder and MO installed away from program files (a separate drive), and this problem occurs both with FO4 and SSE, portable MO or not. Maybe this is a known bug that I managed not to read about anywhere. Any advice is welcome, and keep up with the good work.Edit: it turns out, it also crashes simply when closing MO after using xEditEdit 2: Apparently, this issue is already known. Don't know how I could have missed it.
  3. Thanks. I was experimenting a bit myself. What I tried was first run the wintermyst patcher (without the bashed patch), then add delev tag to the resulting patch, then run bashed patch. The result seems to be all-most completely identical to your method. Though to be honest, while I've used relev and delev tags before, I'm still not quite sure what exactly they do.
  4. There's a patch for Wintermyst and MLU in one of your files, but this only fixes 1 conflict. How do you deal with the leveled lists giving out high leveled gear? Do you use the Wintermyst patcher?
  5. There seems to be a conflict between immersive dayspring pass and relighting skyrim that isn't resolved. Wordspace -> 02001DB8 - Dayspring Canyon -> ONAM - World Map Offset Data and Object bounds are overwritten.
  6. But it appears there might be a fault in my STEP extended patch. I'll reinstall it and find out.
  7. I've noticed something in the Faction -> DragonFaction record. STEP extended Patch flags several factions as enemies to dragons (which makes sense). However, these are removed by your STEPext deadly dragons patch. I've checked and shouldn't be missing any patches this time.
  8. Well, I'm not sure the compatibility article is up to date, but Dawn of Skyrim is definitely on the compatible list. JK skyrim would be incompatible, while the lite and superlite version would probably be more compatible.
  9. I see you added a warning to the guide saying Immersive Citizens isn't compatible with city mods. However, in the compatibility article on the mod page, it says the mods IS compatible with Dawn of Skyrim.
  10. This does seem to clear everything up, thanks. Do you still remember what kinds of thing got messed up. I want to try it so I can look out for them (and report back).
  11. AOS.esp is loaded after RWT. Combat Evolved Merged goes after AOS. Ordinator - Perks of Skyrim goes after Combat evolved. CACO goes after Ordinator. These are all because of LOOT rule from your Dovahkin reborn and Gameplay rebalance packs. I'm not sure how CACO could then end up before RWT. The reason I'm asking is because ordinator and CACO ordinator both use this: ORD_AlcDEP_Benefactor_Perk_30_WasBenefactor_OrdASISExclude That last bit made me suspect it matters for ASIS. edit: I checked ASIS.esp, and benefactor is not excluded when using automatic perks. Don't not if it should be with the ordinator version. edit2: Did some testing and this appears to be the case. Also found this on the ASIS Page: Now I don't know why Enaisiaion doesn't want certain perks excluded from ASIS, but I'm sure he or she has hirs reasons. I haven't studied the perks too much in detail, because I wan't to discover them in game. I suspect it would be best to forward the EDID's from CACO-Ordinatored. I don't suspect the ordinator perks overwritten by CACO (and not patched by CACO ordinatored) need this treatment. Also, only needed for those who use ASIS automatic perks. Which reminds me. Do you use the automatic perks and spells function from ASIS? I know it's not in the guide, but I wonder why. Is it perhaps a matter of balance (too hard)?
  12. One of the mysteries of the universe I suppose. But still, it is my own doing. Should really be more careful with which "conflicts" I report. You make a good point. There is the possibility they simple haven't gotten around to patching this yet. I forwarded it to my own custom patch just to be sure. I found another small thing in the CACO patches. The CACO hunterborn patch adds some items to the leveled lists: CACO_IngrRestoreHealth4th [LVLI:01CCA054] CACO_IngrRestoreMagicka1st [LVLI:01CCA055] CACO_IngrDamageHealth1st [LVLI:01CCA063] CACO_IngrDamageStamina2nd [LVLI:01CCA072] These are overwritten by the CACO Wyrmstooth patch. This is fine, because the bashed patch merged this. Except, when you merge them into one single patch as per your guide. The solution would be either to exclude CACO_wyrmstooth from the merge, fix it in on of your patches, or make a small patch and merge it with the others into "CACO Patches merged". I'm also using Clothingcraft by the way, which also edits some of these lists. Same issue, same solutions. Edit: a small question. Do editor ID conflicts ever need patching? Because the EDID from the benefactor perk get overwritten and restored a few times by ordinator, CACO, CACO ordinator and their MLU patches.
  13. This is really strange. I reinstalled all your patches again, and now I do get this error. This is what is in the place where the texture should be: Cicero_OkieDokie [iNFO:AB00690A] ('Okie dokie, Listener.' in GRUP Topic Children of BetterStealthCiceroShared [DIAL:AB006908]) It has to do with the fact that I merged thing into STEP extended patch. I'm gonna merge thing seperate from the STEP patch, that should prevent problems like this. Still strange though.
  14. I'm using WAFR 5.2, the latest version. I don't exactly use the STEP settings (I use all options), but that makes no difference for this record. These changes are specific to the 5.2 version though, so you wouldn't see it if you use 5.1. You are correct. Neither are these changes touched by anything I merged into the STEP patch, so I don't have a clue how this happened. Probably happened somehow by accidents when making small changes to the STEP Patch. The magic effects are overwritten by ragdoll paralysis (which I had merged into STEP extended). I suppose CACO should come later in the load order. I might have missed a loot rule somewhere. I use the loot rule, but AOS, combat evolved, CACO, ordinator, MLU and CACO patches,... . There are a lot less conflicts than I remeber though (a few of them were from Relighting skyrim, which I already forwarded to STEP extended patch). There are now only 3 conflicts left, with CACO, under Worldspace -> Tamriel: [CELL:00009B73] [CELL:0000BCD6] [CELL:0000BCF7] I assumed as much. Thank you for confirming. A lot of work, I agree. I tried once and got tired of it pretty soon. Won't really be noticeable in game if you don't patch anyway, you're right. I redownloaded your patch, and you're right.
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