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  1. Well no matter what the answer wouldn't be a simple "yes". SKSE needs updating, and who knows if SKSE's API will need to be changed when the new version comes out. Bethesda is probably uninterested in making predictions on SKSE development. Besides, SKSE mods won't be compatible with the console. Either way, it's a caveat that they'd need to mention. Then there's things like the new snow particle effects (which makes eg Vivid Weathers, Better Dynamic Snow, and more thematically or literally incompatible), and the new water shader (water mods would definitely need an update, even if it's just stylistic changes). Not to mention the various SKSE and ENB memory tweaks, and the ENB presets themselves. For all I know the "basically" is far worse than I've stated, I just think it's worth pointing out why they'd be hesistant to just give a blanket "yes it'll all work". As Arthmoor said, I doubt they made things incompatible deliberately, especially as that would mean more work for them. Changing the ESP record structure would require remaking the official ESPs, changing BSAs or NIFs would require remaking/repackaging vanilla assets, etc. I keep reading people worrying that everything has been remade for the Fallout 4 engine but I find it unlikely that they'd make that much extra work for themselves.
  2. The only official word so far is this tweet. Old mods will be "basically" compatible. Interpret that how you will.
  3. In regards to backwards compatibility: "basically, yes". Personally, I interpret that as being "it's backwards compatible but not everything will make sense to continue using". I'm thinking of things like Pure Waters/WATER/RWT2 (there's a new water engine), Vivid Weather's snow particles (there's a new snow particle system), any texture mod that is objectively worse than newer official textures, etc. Possibly some bug fix mods if they fixed anything. Arthmoor stated somewhere that they haven't been contacted about integrating USLEEP fixes. Still, what do I know. We'll find out. I believe that mods that rely on SKSE might theoretically be fine, it's SKSE itself that needs to be updated. Mods that rely on it will be fine unless the SKSE API changes, and who knows if that will need to change. It needs to be updated every time the game is recompiled, but that doesn't imply that they break backwards compatibility when doing so.
  4. Does this mod actually do anything besides prevent dogs from reporting crimes? To quote Arthmoor: ​ ​"Yes, the author of NARC offered it to us, we discussed it, and decided only the farm animal and player horse factions were actual bugs. We had already fixed chickens before. Dogs we left alone because IMO that seems logical for dogs to trigger crime warnings. The rest of the long list of factions he's got there are almost certainly incapable of reporting crimes. Certainly no reliable reports I've seen can be traced back to those." (Arthmoor) Source: https://afkmods.iguanadons.net/index.php?/topic/3636-mods-made-obsolete-by-unofficial-patches/page-10&do=findComment&comment=156355 ​ ​Skimming through the Nexus comments, the author admits that some of the edits are there "just in case". "The reason I made the changes to the dungeon types of enemies such as draugr was "just in case". Obviously, the draugr can't leave the caves and dungeons they lie in." (Pharros) Source: Nexus comments The only incidents I can see reported in the Nexus comments are about farm animals and horses, both of which are fixed by USLEEP. ​There are other subjective changes but I'm uncertain I agree with them, if these factions are even capable of reporting crimes: ​ • Thieves Guild members should notice theft because if they're catching you stealing something you're probably stealing it *from them*. They don't exactly follow you around the town. How often are they in a position to notice theft? It makes sense that Brynjolf would report you for theft in the marketplace before you join, as you're not a member, don't have their protection, and reporting you makes him look more trustworthy. • How many bandits are actually placed near owned items? I don't recall any off-hand. I don't remember them reporting me for turning into a werewolf, either. • I disagree that spouses and housecarls should ignore all crimes. It seems doubtful that housecarls and spouses would be perfectly happy finding out that they serve/are married to a vampire, murderer, or werewolf (except for the companions, who already ignore it).
  5. What do you mean by "spend the RAM"? A 1K Optimized version is available. The size is only 682 KB for each of the two textures, plus 1.33 MB for the normal map. By comparison, my optimized HRDLC textures and HQ paper are both 1.33MB for each of those three textures, so you're actually saving VRAM over vanilla and HQ Paper. It only "shows up two times", but Dragonsreach and Palace of the Kings are hardly out-of-the-way locations. (Doesn't it also show up in the Stormcloak and Imperial camps? Could be wrong.) As to whether it looks better than HQ Paper: I think it does. The map looks more "old and faded" by comparison, which makes a little more sense to me.
  6. Thank you for the guide. There's one important issue that I never see any guides covering in much detail: conflict resolution. I'm a little obsessive about fixing small errors and conflicts (including thematic conflicts, which aren't always evident from the descriptions). I wouldn't want to mod Skyrim if I didn't have TESVEdit. Am I correct that there's no such tool for Morrowind apart from the Creation Kit? I've tried to mod Morrowind before, but quickly grew frustrated that I was expected to blindly trust in every non-graphical mod I used and pray to the divines that my load order didn't have any problems. Fortunately, your guide is very light on plugins and heavy on graphics, so it's less of a problem here.
  7. My only complaint about this mod is how jarring the extra information is compared to the rest of my UI. I play with Skyrim's opacity setting quite low and there's no comparable opacity slider in this mod.
  8. For what little it's worth, I think this should go into STEP. It's absolutely my favourite mod at this point, as I've always been an alchemist in Skyrim. I wouldn't want to go back to the broken vanilla mechanics. Check the dates on the file uploads. The patches file was updated, not the main file. That changelog is from November 2015.
  9. For what its worth, I took the time to clean the mod up and rewrite many of the scripts. Check the comments section on the Nexus. This mod is much cleaner and safer to use at this point (no deleted navmeshes, no errors). I posted a list of what work I perceived still needed doing as I lack both the time and skill to do it. This is, in part, a humble request for a better modder than I am to improve things further, now that some of the clean-up work has been done. I use this with JKs Cities Superlite with no evident issues other than the Whiterun bath being rather close to Arcadia's garden. It's probably still incompatible with Immersive Citizens.
  10. Not sure about darkside's experiences, but I've consistently had trouble with EBT. I may not CTD but I do notice papyrus problems cropping up, especially with STEP's Deadly Spell Impacts, Footprints, and Burn Freeze Shock Effects. One suggestion: advise users to delete everything in the EBT mod except for the textures. They'll still get the improved textures, and there'll be no script lag or even an ESP slot.
  11. Currently under Moderation Review, unfortunately. EDIT: Never mind, author claims (in the Vividian ENB comments) that it will be up again shortly.
  12. Master of Disguise was made available for download here by the author. (proof). Apologies for the spam if this has already been mentioned somewhere.
  13. I have not experienced any issues with Death Alternative, but I switched to SkyTweak not long after I started using it. It's worth noting that even if all stability and CTD reports are false, it is still true that it will break some dungeons or questlines. Many dungeons (and some mod-added dungeons) were simply not designed to allow the player to leave them halfway, and you may find yourself locked out inconveniently upon return. The user is expected to save often and reload if there are any issues. Your saved game won't break because of this, but if using the console to troubleshoot the occasional locked out dungeon or quest concerns you, then I would avoid DA (and any mod that revives and teleports you). There's a reason you can't fast travel inside dungeons. SkyTweak's bleedout isn't as believable, but it's more convenient: you have a user-configurable number of lives per day. Upon death, you enter a bleedout state (if you have a live left), and lose a user-configurable amount of gold as punishment. Sleeping resets the number of lives that you have. I have it set that I only have 2 lives per day: not enough to repeatedly exploit anything, but it's enough that I no longer save/reload very often. This also avoids the problems I mentioned, as you never actually leave the dungeon when you die. You lose a live (and gold), or you reload.
  14. I haven't personally experienced stability issues with Death Alternative, but if you're looking for something a little more lightweight and compatible then I recommend using SkyTweak's bleedout/lives mechanic.
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