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Brawl Bugs Patch - Plugins - Modder Resource (by jonwd7)


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Discussion thread:

Brawl Bugs Patch by jonwd7

Wiki Link



Superseded by Brawl Bugs Patch

Brawl Bug Plugin by trebtreb


Utility mod used by various other mods to negate the "brawl bug" (brawls becoming real fights when a mods cloak spell is on the player).


Currently supported by:

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Because it's included in Enhanced Blood; however, I thought that we agreed that no additions or removals would be made to the current guide until 2.3 released unless those mods are made obsolete by the Unofficial Patches.


Not only that, with Core being trimmed down, I'd expect EBT to be one that is trimmed (especially in light of the new information in its thread) meaning the mod should stay in Core. It's not going to cause any issues if EBT is installed over it anyway. The files will just be overwritten. I think Z may have "jumped the gun" on this one.

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Oh ok cool I was just confused as I downloaded all the mods yesterday and going back to the guide it's suddenly different... Ancient Nord Armour Fix also dissapeared but there was an explanation in the mod anthology thread and it had been labeled as "dropped" but brawl bugs is still labeled as "included".

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Has anybody noticed that MO is currently throwing a load order error for Brawl? It recommends moving all of the unofficial patches ahead of the Brawl Bug Patch. In the STEP guide - they are still behind it. (Or I suppose you could just move Brawl to after the unofficial patches...)

Considering the notes in the Mod page on nexus says to load it early (tho that was 2012), why would MO recommend moving it?

Any thoughts?

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@MadWizard25: Not about the Overwrite folder, though I do get those...

@DoubleYou: There is nothing in STEP to say don't use the ESP; though MO does say it is superfluous if you extract the BSA file...

I am just curious as to why MO is expecting a different order from STEP.

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Actually the warnings tend to copy the BOSS load order and it asking you to order your mod as BOSS ordered your ESP.

In many cases it is actually a harmless warning (just like the Brawl Bug Patch here) because mods don't overwrite each other. But in some cases you might discover some overwrites you didn't expect.

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This mod is on the "Dangerous, Outdated and Superseded Mods" list



​The recommended replacement is Modern Brawl Bug Fix by Enai Siaion



​The description for Modern Brawl Bug Fix states:

​"Most people are familiar with the popular Brawl Bugs Patch. Unfortunately, it is several years old and some users are still suffering from the brawl bug anyway due to several errors in its implementation. It also has the potential to generate significant script load. Because its permissions do not allow redistribution, I made an improved fix from scratch.

This mod replaces the Brawl Bugs Patch. You can safely update from it to the Modern Brawl Bug Fix."


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