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Unofficial Skyrim Patch (by Unofficial Patch Project Team)

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Discussion thread:
Unofficial Skyrim Patch by Unofficial Patch Project Team
Wiki Link

Unofficial Skyrim Patch will be the base of all fix and game-play mods. Anything already dealt with by this mod will be considered CORE, you will need to give a very good reason why we should overwrite it with another mod. Please check the list of fixes and make your arguments and recommendations accordingly. Tracking site for included mods .

Alternate download site that has the latest updates for 1.6

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I have tested this mod for roughly 2h RT in game. Exterior cells were mainly Riverwood and Whiterun and the area in between, and interior cells include Whiterun and buildings inside Whiterun. No crashes occurred. Also shuffled mod list several times and added/ deleted several mods afterwards, tested in same interior/ exterior cell areas with no crashes. So far it seems stable.


Tested a specific bug fix to see if the patch had been properly applied. Tested this bug fix;

  • Item Fixes
  • All followers will no longer have invisible Hunting Bows that can't be removed from them that they would use even in preference to much better bows they were given; they will now be visible and can be removed from the follower normally
Can confirm that giving Lydia a better bow works, and her initial starting bow is removable (this was tested without any companion mods activated). In addition, this patch makes the Shrine of Azura LOD Fix https://skyrim.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=8243 recommended in STEP obsolete (shown by BOSS).


So far so good!

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Yes - I have a whopper on my stove right now, too!


Might be a good task to ask of the community though, if we quickly prepare some instructions on how to present it. An ideal wiki project.

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As a starting point I offer the below from early April when I reinstalled STEP via WB and when current version of USKP came out:




N All in 1 Spell Fixes (NOTE: Includes “Conjuration and Summoning Fixes†mod, will include more fixes)

N Ancient Nord Armor 1st Person Fix

N Armor And Other Rigfixes

N Bed Time Fix (NOTE: Put the Script folder in Data)

N Better Turn Animation Only One Pose

N Bookshelf Patch

N Bowlegged Jump Animation Fix

N Clothing Fixes by Request (NOTE: Same link as “Static Mesh Improvement Modâ€)

N Death Cam Duration Options (NOTE: Pick the “60 sec†version)

N Esbern Quest Fix Tutorial (NOTE: This is just a guide, since uploading vanilla Beth files is illegal)

N Eyebrows Match Hair

N Headsmans Axe Fixed

N Increased Charater Height

N Keening Enchantment Fix (NOTE: Pick Only “100†version)

N Leathers Weight Fix (NOTE: Pick the “Half Pound†version)

N Linwe Armor First Person Fix

N Matching Set Fixes

N No NPC Greetings (NOTE: I recommend picking the “Slightly Reduced Distance†version)

Y Possessive Corpses (NOTE: Install also the CK update)

N Projectile Soul Trap with Visible Impact Effect

N Shadow Striping Fix

Y Shrine of Azura LOD Fix

Y Talos Shrine Fix

N Trainer Gold Exploit Fix (NOTE: Put the Script folder in Data)

N Weapons And Armor Fixes (NOTE: Use both “Main†And “Hacks†esps)

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Oh and parts of "Weapons And Armor Fixes (NOTE: Use both “Main†And “Hacks†esps)" are included but other parts are not as it goes beyond fixes and makes changes. So iirc the fix parts are meant to be included but the change parts are not.


As I am a mage and WAF "corrects" Archmage Robes such that it cannot be worn with Morokei mask (well unless craft into unhooded version) I have now turned WAF off.


In RL I could wear a hooded mask and a hooded robe! Just look at snowskiers/boarders or in bad weather I personally sometimes wear a fleece with a hood plus a goretex jacket with a hood!

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