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Sounds of Nature Redux - Water and Fire (by John Kelly)


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I would also like to let people know that the individual and older versions of this mod, when the two were separate, have been causing crashes as of 1.6


This version has promised to reduce that, but the SoN Fire and Water should probably be removed from the next STEP update

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I installed this mod and removed the two individual mods. I was at the four shields lodge and when I try to leave the game stops working. I can't start a new game from this lodge either,same result and I deleted the two individual mods.:facepalm: Oh well! It's good thing I really enjoy starting over:yes:

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:wacko: Well, I Started a new game with Alternate start, in Solitude. Saved then loaded the save from post above and was able to exit 4 shields lodge. The fire is louder than it was but considering how much wood is burning and the fact that it's indoors I think the sound is ok. I still can't smell the smoke though!
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