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MASS - Monuments Altars Shrines Statues Replacers (by jeclxohko and skyrimaguas)


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MASS - Monuments Altars Shrines Statues Replacers by jeclxohko and skyrimaguas


Just ran across this one. I thought some of you may be interested in it. I'm downloading it now to check it out. Definitely something to keep an eye on I think. One thing I'm concerned with looking at the bad screenshots is whether or not he kept weathering effects like moss and worn areas.


The page also definitely needs better screenshots:p

Posted Image


Posted Image

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The Ysgramor Unchained bit was the sole reason I didn't post this up days ago.


Granted, we could always put Detailed Instructions for not installing those specific files.



Otherwise I've been using:


Hircine Altar Grim 4K


I used the Grim version due to personal preference. The context in which we see Hircine's Alter in-game really doesn't make much sense. It is, in my mind, akin to how ridiculous it'd be if Nordic ruins/catacombs looked brand-spankin'-new. I mean people are having frequent meatings (haha, get it?) there for god's sakes.


Mara Gold 2K


I'm pretty satisfied with the Mara one since I use Live Another Life and am constantly making new characters, so I get to see it a lot. And man I gotta say the untextured Mara statue always looked like a pile of golden **** to me. The MASS retexture/upgrade is pretty good looking.


Don't have a character who can view Vermina (or Hircine) atm.


I'll try to grab some screenshots.

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Just coc to them, no point in spending lots of time walking there just for screenshot purposes.


As for the textures, then overall I like them, the real question is if they blend well with their surroundings. Just like for all textures ofc.

I personally like the rocky one rather then the chained one... but that is mainly because I dislike a statue that looks like its been cut with a laser or is made from a substance that is akin to marble which is most likely not the case.

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Better to have a 4k and manually downscale then a 1k and manually scale! :)


Would be cool to see them all go together and make a complete overhaul! Sadly I do not think they would ever agree on a general artistic style!

Yes I agree I don't think they'd get together and be satisfied with the style I keep getting a feeling it'd be like a carnival side show ish thing. Also these would definitely need compares. I hope they release 2k versions otherwise I'll DDSOpt them using the lossless settings and downscale to 2k.
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What a dream team paring we've got here - jecl and skyrimagus. What's next? CaBaL and SparrowPrince?


I haven't actually looked at them in-game, but if they fit and look good, kudos to them. Really need smaller sized versions - 4k is flipping massive.

How often are these statues actually seen in game though?


Honestly, I'm not really sure what would screw people's machines over. I know ultra high quality lanterns do but that's mostly thanks to how they're made. IIRC ultra high quality fences cause the same issues. Statues don't have the same properties that both of those have which cause people problems (lots of see-through parts, for lack of a better way of putting it).



I kinda get the feeling that we should wait on this one. The author generally makes 2k versions of his works (check out his Nexus profile). This one was put on the Nexus barely five days ago and only around half have 2k versions so far. He's also not finished with all the statues available and intends to make combined packages.

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ddsopt--->lossless---->2k or 1k


yep ...not bad about textures, if not for the huge size (also plese somebody give the authors a scripted installer/bain ready stuff... so they can pack into one file instead of 10 small packages for each statue)


was saying? oh yep not bad bout textures, the mod removes the very pixelate effect from statues...it was really really morrowindish....

i have in my game, is a good work!

oh... i do not particularry agree on ysgramor de-chain-mail-ification ... nothing is changed in the economy of the game afterall... chainmail or not... so it's ok.


sparrowprince and cabal remaking imperial ruins? hell why not! (sparrowprince does not know it yet :D )

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