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Respectful Lydia - Willing Burden Carrier (by Man or Monster)


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Respectful Lydia - Willing Burden Carrier by Man or Monster


This mod replaces Lydia's sarcastic, disrepectful "I am swoooorn to carry your burden" with another saying of your choice. I never could figure out why she sounds completely subservient in every way, but when you want to give her some nice armor, she makes a snide remark.


Choose from the three following options:


"As you wish, my Thane."

"Let's see it."

"What do you want me to carry?"

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IIRC' date=' the way lydia responds to you is a bug' date=' because her disposition is locked at -100, or something like that...[/quote'']


If this is the case indeed, than this mod is a fix and should be part of Core.


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A fix would be correcting the disposition error not assuming what she would say if it wasn't broken.

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This mod makes sense, especially if Lydia is bugged to hate you, but since I am using AFT (amazing follower tweak), I don't use the normal conversation question to get into her inventory, so I don't get the whining at all. Which would make this mod obsolete with all three follow mods, AFT, EFF or UFO. So if these mods are going to be part of S.T.E.P. or S.R. or other packs, then this Lydia is just another mod in the load order that isn't necessary.

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In AFT if you turn on equipment management, you will get a new option in the Follower menu to "show you her inventory" that doesn't not have a voice at all and just skips to the menu. The original option is still further down in her conversation menu that will activate her lovely voice.


I prefer no voice, not just because Lydia's whining can be grating, but because there are lots of default generic followers that use the same voices (Like those added by corners of skyrim.) and if I have two followers using the same voice, its very distracting. (Of course, there are follower mods that are voice but these are by far in the minority.)

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I'll give that a try it, but I seem to recall the only option I could get to work right was the default menu choice. Either way it's not a big deal now that I have this mod. She's a lot more pleasant now :D And as you say that option is still available so this mod would still be effective/needed/useful. It's not like it's heavy. It's a quick audio patch; no esp; no scripts. Plus, I think it will be a while before they include follower mods into STEP.


It was mentioned earlier that her disposition is locked at -100. It would be nice to have a fix for that if that's the case (That is if locked -100 is a bug and not intentional). Having her audio adjust to how much she likes you would be perfect. However, until that happens I think this is best we can do.

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