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RP chopping and mining


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This looks pretty interesting:


This mod allows a player to mine and chop wood in a more realistic maner, by needing to spend time working. For a vanilla install it has only advantages and is intented for players using realism mods adding the need to eat, sleep, etc.


- Ore veins are infinite.

- In order to mine ore, click on it and push the wait button to advance time (or look at your screen for an hour, it'll work too).

- Your character is rewarded by a variable number of ore, depending on the metal


I don't know if the yield is configurable, I will look into this at home. Would be good if it was. 


Some may say that there is a potential for abuse (set it to max value and just wait to get lots of ore), but I'm of an oppinion that if you WANT to cheat you will cheat anyway. Just use console, right? 

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The only issue I see with this is new prices that may conflict with other mods. To be yet tested.




Other mods that also change the scripts included in this mod are:


- Ars Metallica

- SkyRe



Do you guys think it will be safe to use this mod?

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Just off the top of my head, USKP fixes entering the mining animation while sneaking (the player would get stuck sneaking I believe), Ars metallica includes that fix of course, but also adds a little bit of smithing xp when the player mines ore.


I have no idea what SkyRe does to it, I have never used it. :)

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