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Extended UI (by MrJack)


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Extended UI by MrJack
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This is a LE mod supported by Dear Diary, which itself is in testing now as a companion mod to Completionist - Skyrim Completion Tracker (NG), which is also in testing.

The one downside is that this mod comes with a BSA that must be extracted, since it's not compatible with SSE AE. The plugin is also incompatible, but that is remedied with use of Extended UI - Settings Loader

Nevertheless, this mod offers some significant UI enhancements, including allowing more information to be exposed on the Skills/Perks UI (see mod description for details).

This assortment of interface mods will require a lot of testing against our current interface mods. I expect that if we adopt one or more of these new solutions, some of our current guide solutions will become obsolete/redundant.

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I use it with DDDM. I converted it to Form 44 in CK and ESLified it in xEdit.

It improves the skills & perks UI, fits more information at once on the screen, supports different aspect ratios. Has an MCM to configure it.

For use with DDDM: install this first, then DDDM overwrites it. That's all.

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