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Problem with SKSE Plugin Loader with Current Step Guide


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Please see this thread for a list of alternate versions of the mentioned mods (first post - spoiler tag), with 'Scrambled Bugs' you'd have to check their files' section for the correct game version ...


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1 hour ago, Sento said:

I followed the current Step Guide and when I launch the game via SKSE64 I get the error in the attached Screenshot. What can I do?


The current Step guide, 2.1.0, is outdated since Skyrim on Steam was recently updated to 1.6.640.  As a result, any mod that had an SKSE plugin (DLL file) needed to be updated.  The Step guide authors are currently working on the 2.2.0 version of the guide which should be available in the next week or so, maybe even sooner.  As CorneliusC mentioned, those plugins in your screenshots do have alternative versions available (or have recently been updated since the time you downloaded it).

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