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Cores or logical processors?


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2 hours ago, Majorman said:

It should be read as cores.

I am not familiar with this context, but in most situations, I think 'threads' are usually double the cores, so a quad core has 8 threads.

But this situation may be defining cores? I see only "logical processors" mentioned in the description though.

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TBH, the data available on this is sketchy. FNV is so old and optimized to natively use a dual-core console CPU. It supposedly supports up to 4 cores/threads (i.e. 4 cores unthreaded or 2 cores threded), but putting a higher value will not have negative impact on performance (i.e. if you input, say 16 here, it will recognize them all, but still utilize only 4 cores). Another sources say that the engine works on physical cores only due to its age. I will put physical cores here to be on the safe side, anyways it seems that anything above 4 makes no difference in overall performance. I cannot fully test these settings, though, as my CPU does not support multithreading.

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