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Lucky 38 Climate Restored (Scripted) by AVeryUncreativeUsername

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      z929669 - Vote to stick with lightside per screens posted below
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      Conditions: clear weather, all mod conditions used LODGen applicable to vanilla mountains, MM, MM Darkside, and MM Lightside (so LOD is specific to each of the four sets of screenshots)
      TOD: noon
      Coordinates (cow tamriel): Whiterun lookout tower WSW > 35 -16 > -33 -7 > -10 0
      Mod build: Step 2.0.0 (dev)
      Step (vanilla mountains)  >  MM  >  MM Darkside  >  MM Lightside
      Load up imgbox gallery and cycle through all images to load them. Then use the arrow buttons to toggle back and forth. Images aren't a perfect overlay, due to slight variations in COW positioning but close enough. They can also be examined directly in the spoiler.
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