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Perk Up - Full Vanilla Plus perk Overhaul (by SpringHeelJon)


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The Charisma checks are extremely hard with this. I have a level 18 character and 7 Charisma, and I count it a rarity that I can pass a speech check of even the easiest variety. I think I've only passed 1 easy speech check out of ~20 this playthrough. My character is depressed by this statistic, and he is greatly pumping up the charisma points on most level ups.

I'm not so big a fan of this behavior. I think it might be better to override this with Binary Speech Checks or similar. I get the idea of being harder, but I've always considered the end goal of leveling up Charisma was to gain the Intimidation perk, which is quite useful. I think that talking to people shouldn't need to be nearly so hard, and a lot of the game is set up so as to increase the caps rewards via the speech checks, which makes you pass successive easy, medium, and hard checks, and if you are not guaranteed to pass at any of these levels, it would make it nearly impossible to complete this sequence.

The rest of the changes that I have experienced are working quite well. I especially like the auto-hacking and auto-lockpicking abilities built into it.

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