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Fallout 4 HD Overhaul (by luxor8071)


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Okay, so I have 120 comparison shots between vanilla and this mod. This took many hours to compile. I feel confident that we can use this as our foundation texture pack to compare against. This mod replaces EVERY texture in the game, and the author made it in a way that you can literally replace the vanilla texture BA2 files. 

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14 hours ago, LittleGuy said:

This looks like a good foundation for sure, some things look a little out of place (garbage piles for example) but could easily be covered by other mods.

Yes, there are a few things here and there that I feel could be different, but will likely be able to be fixed via other mods. Feel free to suggest any you find.

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I am aware of them. It's going to take lots of compares to compare everything. You'll see lots of compares to find what the best ones are. I just believe it's good to use this as the base since it modifies all the textures already for higher fidelity. We can pile others, such as those, on top as we find preference.

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