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  1. Anybody who sticks with Linux has my respect , I bailed when I hit my first roadblock
  2. Nope, but it sounds pretty handy. Maybe I had troubles with NMM or Vortex at one point, I'm not sure. Never really had any problems with the guide though
  3. lol...I manually download all mods as well, I just assumed the built in downloader would be trash for some reason.
  4. Actually the updated patch has a master that's not part of the guide.
  5. The link for Hearthfires Extended and CC Fishing Patch needs to be updated. https://www.mediafire.com/file/uwe8emeblb27e2b/movedaquarium_uesp.7z/file
  6. This looks like a good foundation for sure, some things look a little out of place (garbage piles for example) but could easily be covered by other mods.
  7. I had problems as well, setting the page file to system managed fixed it for me I think.
  8. While I haven't played the game in a while, I'd prefer if it was random. The point of it being random is to give the player a push to use one of the power ups from the "All-Maker" stones. If you need an immersion excuse, then you could say there is already enough people at the closer All-Maker stones
  9. I noticed a couple mistakes in the changelog, the top MCM Helper should be Grass Cache Fixes, and "Tose" should be "Those"
  10. Setting EnableSkylighting to =false seems to be a quick fix for now.
  11. I just tested without enb, EVLaS darkens the area because of the nearby mountains and turning on enb turns the shadows pitch black. Yup, 8AM
  12. I know you guys are already fixing the issues with EVLaS, but maybe consider trying the vanilla start when testing (if you aren't already).
  13. I'm not sure actually, I deleted my 1.0 setup & I'm waiting for 2.0 to be finished, so I could be remembering wrong
  14. I think there is an MCM option in Lock Overhaul that can replace this mod, maybe drop this mod for people who don't want it and add instructions to enable it optionally in Step 6? Or make it optional like Mercury71 mentioned.
  15. He was talking about Cathedral Weathers, Rudy ENB has these meshes included. I'm not sure what he means by "an ENB that preserves CW's Horizon Seam Fix" is there a horizon seam fix option in ENB? and if so maybe he meant it is for people who use Cathedral Weathers horizon seam fix over ENBs?
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